Picket Fences – A New Quilt for Moda Bakeshop!

*the giveaway is now closed*

Picket Fences

I’m so excited to share my second Moda Bakeshop quilt! It’s appropriately (if not obviously) titled Picket Fences and I was thrilled to work with the fabric of one of my favorite set of designers, Sweetwater. Hometown is just fun and I loved searching through all of the names to find cities that are special to me.

Picket Fences

This particular quilt is being donated to a local fundraiser for a women’s center here in South Bend. I’m thrilled that it will be shared by someone who will both love it and who is willing to donate to charity. What a win-win for this sweet quilt.

And I’m also excited to have a lovely giveaway hosted by The Fat Quarter Shop! They are generously giving one reader a petite fat quarter set of Hometown. What a fantastic way to get a taste of this line.

Picket Fences

To enter to win this petite fat quarter bundle, I’d love if you went over to Moda Bakeshop and left me a comment on my quilt there.  Then come back here and leave me a comment that you left a comment there.

For those of who really want extra chances, I’d love any phone apps that you all can recommend. As you may have gathered from my previous post, I’m quite new to the smartphone world. I would love to know what I’m missing. So if you have a suggestion for one, that gives you an extra entry. Please leave it as a separate comment.

I know that not everyone has a fancy-dancy phone. So in lieu of an app recommendation, please feel free to share any other recommendations you have! lol I’ll let you all decide what that might be about. But let’s keep it clean. 😉 (Unless you’re Lynne and you’re going to suggest some Afternoon Delight).

170 thoughts on “Picket Fences – A New Quilt for Moda Bakeshop!”

  1. Love the Netflix app. It's not earth-shattering or anything, but I don't have a tv in the room where I quilt, so sometimes I prop up my iPhone and stream old tv shows while I sew.

  2. I have a few news apps that I use to keep up-to-date (BBC and WSJ and NYTimes – there are others that you can find for free). Not quite in the same vein of games etc others have mentioned (sorry if it's TMI!) but one I find useful and could be for other women is called FMC, which helps track your cycle. It's free and well designed, easy to use, etc.

  3. On my iPod I have ShopShop for lists, Flickr & Pinterest.

    On my HTC Android phone I have Angry Birds, Yahoo Mail & Google Maps.

    Both have Facebook, Robert Kaufman Quilter's Calc, Joanns, Skype, Weather Channel, TextPlus for free texting, Shazam for identifying music, TV Guide, MS Tag Reader, Pandora & my banking app.

    All of mine are free. I haven't gotten up the nerve to buy any yet. At least that way if I find out I don't like it I didn't waste any money. 😉

  4. this is my *not-a-phone* comment; i don't have a cool phone, just a *regular* phone … so, here's some advice: "Four things you can't recover: The STONE after the throw, The WORD after it's said, The OCCASION after its missed, the TIME after it's gone." and don't forget the email after it's sent (beeen there, done that bad boy!)

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