Pincushion Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial

I have a special valentine’s project for you! A Heart Shaped Pincushion! But part of the beauty of this tutorial is that you will be able make any size or shape pincushion because it is all based on a cookie cutter.

Note: Be sure to read all the written instructions as well as the instructions with the picture mosaics.


Pincushion Tutorial

• one charm pack (really I just use a few charms for this…so a whole charm pack isn’t necessary)

• cookie cutter (clearly I used a heart shaped one…size is your preference)

• Hot Glue gun

• One sheet of fun foam (the stuff in the kid’s craft aisle)

• One sheet of a thin floral foam / Styrofoam (can be found in the floral aisle)

• One bag of Zilla brand lizard litter – crushed walnut shells (one bag will last a LONG time)


Cutting Fabric for the Pincushion

• Pick out your favorite charms and if necessary piece them together to create a large enough piece of fabric for your cookie cutter plus 3″ around. Then follow the directions in the mosaic below.

Pincushion Tutorial

Cutting Foam for the Pincushion

• Use your cookie cutters to cut out the floral foam to fit exactly inside the cookie cutter. Depending on the foam you use and how sharp your cookie cutters are, you may need a little help from a kitchen knife. Then trace around the cookie cutter onto the fun foam and cut out the exact shape of the cookie cutter for the bottom of the pincushion.

Pincushion Tutorial

Pincushion Tutorial

Fitting the Fabric to the Cookie Cutter

• Pull your running stitch slightly to start gathering the fabric and fit it to the shape of the cookie cutter. You will want to shape it so that a small “bowl” is formed on the topside of the cookie cutter/pincushion. Use your hot glue gun and glue the fabric to the inside of the cookie cutter around the whole perimeter.

Filling the Pincushion

• Use the crushed walnut shells to fill the pincushion. Crushed shells create a great weight to the pin cushion and they help keep your pins sharp. The type I used was like a coarse sand. The amount you need will depend on the size of your cookie cutter but I used about a cup for the large one. You will want to hold up your cookie cutter while filling it to make sure that you put enough in to round out what will be the top of the pincushion…that “bowl”.

Pincushion Tutorial

Putting the Bottom on the Pincushion

• With the charm glued firmly in place, there should be no chance of any filling escaping. But we have two more layers to add to the bottom to make it completely finished and polished. First add the floral foam and hot glue in place. I found that the hot glue actually melted my foam a bit, so I used that to my advantage and created a perfect seal around the perimeter. Then I used hot glue on the fun foam and attached it firmly to the floral foam.

Pincushion Tutorial

Finishing Details

• You may find you have a bit of a gap now at the bottom of your pincushion or things are not as tidy as you might like. So make it all beautiful again by hot gluing a bit of ribbon or trim around the perimeter of the base.

Pincushion Tutorial

• Fill with pins and use often! Make them in all shapes and sizes. I made a smaller one for my needles as well. (Although I’m thinking of putting some felt on that one)

Pincushion Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and are inspired to make a pincushion for every season. I’ve already bought more cookie cutters to make more!

429 thoughts on “Pincushion Tutorial”

  1. I love the pin cushion- Hearts are one of my favorite shapes and I love the details in your tutorial. I am a hopeless romantic who loves chick flicks and soppy cards- I don't care if my husband brings me a present but I love getting cards. My little kindergarten students are sweet and they are so funny about Cupid -they can't understand why he doesn't wear pants.
    Regards from Western Canada.

  2. Best thing about Valentine's Day? Being the recipient of my husband's creativity! He doesn't make things like I do but he's very creative in what he buys, w/o overspending.
    Thanks for the cute pincushion tutorial!

  3. Just signed up to be a follower. Your pincushion is adorable, and it just so happens that I just bought that big red heart when I was shopping the other day. I just love
    heart-shaped things! Will give this one a try. No Valentine, so it;s not a big day for me.

  4. Love this! New follower here. I don't love or hate valentines, I generally just ignore it! I hate how everyone asks what you're doing for it. My answer will always be 'nothing' – accept this and stop asking me every damn year! *rant over* lol

  5. I have the emphasis on romantic love. I would rather it be about family love or parental love, etc. Otherwise those of us that are not in a romantic relationship could begin to feel inadequate. 🙂

  6. I used to really dread Valentine's day and as an adult, I really hated the commercials that just make men feel like sludge if they don;t go over spend on an elaborate unnecessary gift. But, I do appreciate the reminder to show love. While I think that people should should love everyday, for some, this does help open up the communication.

  7. The older I get, the less I enjoy all the commercial holidays. I do make an extra nice meal for hubby on Valentine's day, though. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  8. What a sweet pincushion. I hate the crowds at restaurants on Valentine's Day so if I want a special dinner that means I have to cook it. Thank goodness I love to cook!

  9. Valentine's Day started out with just remembering my husband, but over years it has grown. Of course, I have to remember my Mom, my children and grandchildren. My husband usually cooks me a great meal….but since he is working late tomorrow the challenge is up to me. This year, just for something different from the last 37 years I made him a card on the sewing machine. It was fun to use all my different stitches and do some free hand work. Hallmark will certainly not be offering me a job but I think my husband will enjoy it.

  10. We also don't like the commercialism of holidays, and often it seems like my hubby is away anyhow.
    That said, I have 3 little girls and like them to see us doing nice things for eachother… so we bake something nice, set the table pretty etc and give love notes to everyone. We try to remember neighbors who don't get anything too 🙂

  11. My DH always finds the nicest cards…..I don't know how he does it….but just being together is all that I need….no flowers, chocolates, special dinners….pizza's good enough for me.

  12. Very cute pincushions! I think it's hard not to feel like the marketing of Valentine's Day comes on a little strong, much like a bad date (Sorry I couldn't help myself)! 😉 I do adore chocolate and flowers though. Thanks for the chance to win!

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