Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

First off I wanted to thank all of you who left comments on my last post about achieving success.  It took me quite a while to respond to everyone because there were so many really thoughtful replies you all had.  It feels more like we are all in there together, just not all in the same place on our journey.  It’s a topic that I know I’ll be continuing to dwell on, so if I have any other insights or you do for me, then we should all share them and keep this conversation going.

Now, that being said, please don’t think me disingenuous when I now proceed to tell you about a book that I’m a part of! lol  This is what we call irony. 😉

But I’m really proud to a part of a compilation book, Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects compiled by Tacha Bruecher.

It’s available now!

Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

This book is really filled with some amazing pieces.  And I have no shame in saying that I am on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to paper piecing designers.  There are women out there who have a PASSION for this and create the most delightful designs.  My projects are probably some of the easier you will find in the book 😉

I was asked to be part of the calendar quilt and chose the month March.  I can’t think of March without going straight to St Patrick’s Day.  I do live in South Bend with Notre Dame University aka The Fighting Irish.  So inspiration came in the form of a leprechaun hat!

Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

Tacha took all 12 monthly blocks and cleverly put them together in a calendar quilt that is pretty darn epic. I had no idea how she was going to make all of our blocks work together…we had complete freedom over our designs and fabrics.  But she pulled it together beautifully.  (And this would be an awesome bee quilt…just saying)

Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

By the way, true story, Tacha and I met in our very first online bee on Flickr.  We were in three bees together and numerous swaps.  But she is the very first person I made friends with on Flickr.  And now she’s written multiple books and is a founding member of the Fat Quarterly.  I always loved getting mail from Germany too!

We also all have a project included with our block that utilizes part or all of our paper pieced design from the calendar. I used just a portion of mine (the sashing and buckle) but took it from a hat and placed it on the perfect Irish Apron!

Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

I still really love my choice of Anna Maria Horner’s fabric for the main body of the skirt…updated but historical somehow.  And the apron is made with pleats that are very reminiscent of a kilt.  I’ve already gifted it to one of my best friends who is about as Irish as they come.

Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects

And then there are the other projects in the book…not just the calendar ones and matching projects.  Really this book is FULL of great projects and fabulous designers. Above is just a sampling! If you have an inkling at all to do some paper piecing then I would jump at this book.  I’m saying this with no attachment to the fact that I happen to be in it.  That just means I already have my copy of the book. 😉 Otherwise I would be buying this is in a heart beat.  Go on…you know you want to…

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  1. I'm loving everything I'm seeing about this book. Guess I'll just have to buy it, huh? Also, I didn't respond to your previous post, but I do want to say that your blog was one of the first I started following, and I consider you highly successful in the crafting/sewing/quilting industry. Just sayin'.

  2. There alot of books out this month, is it usually this way. I have become a Pp Fan so I would lovve this one..I am Pp my mom a quilt from Quiet Play BOM……. Congrats now and in the future..

  3. I would love to win this book, I haven't done a lot of paper pieced projects, but I am working on Alison Glass's Feathers quilt, which is paper pieced.

  4. Congratulations. Sometimes I make random paper pieced blocks to use up my scraps but I have never ventured into paper piecing anything not a square