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It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the Sewing Summit. Do I really leave tomorrow for Utah? To surround myself with a bunch of women I know, but don’t… lol We are some crazy ladies! But I think that we should have crazy good fun. I’ve been keeping myself quite busy in the meantime and haven’t even started packing! Oh and my poor baby just came down with a nasty cold! She hasn’t been sick in months and now she gets sick. We’re not too surprised because she’s getting her hopefully last set of baby teeth in and she always gets a cold when she’s teething. She’s constantly got her hands in her mouth trying to stop the teething pain. 🙁 Thankfully my MIL will be here to help my husband and she was a nurse and a mother of 6…so she can handle a cold no problem.

But sewing-wise, I’ve been getting one thing done after another. I’ve had a lot of little projects on my brain and I’ve been able to spit out a number of them. (Not all…I’m always overestimating my available time). No work done on my zig-zag quilt because I need to buy the batting and it goes on sale this weekend at Joanns. It will still be on sale on Monday, so I intend to head over there right when I get back from the summit. lol

I did make a couple of buntings! I’ve actually never made these before, so I was totally winging it. But as it turns out, I actually winged something pretty well this time. I desperately needed something to hang in Caitlyn’s room. The wall color is drab, the walls are huge and it’s all just blah. ‘Nuf said. I couldn’t even get pretty pictures in that room of them.

Bunting sewing projects

Bunting sewing projects

You get the idea. It definitely helps! And I love making these. So I decided to whip up another set for decorating our door at the Sewing Summit. (You’ve got to be able to find the room with the cool kids. lol)

Bunting sewing projects

Plus, I’m feeling all college dormy and I wanted to make Door Tags that have our names on them. Ignore the fact that they do not yet have any names on them…I need to get a fabric marker and I didn’t expect the girly to wake up sick. So I’ll have to run out tonight and get that. But I made these spools of fabric from some felt, markers, and glue (channeling my inner grade school crafty side).

Bunting sewing projects

I’m going to write our names and flickr/blog names on the brown spool part. I hope that it will be cute on the door with the bunting. I’ve done a very subtle nod to Mardi Gras with my color scheme in all of this…just in case one of my roommates is bring mardi gras decor. 😉

Bunting sewing projects

I’ve also pulled a dress that I’ve had cut out for a year and a half. I don’t know why but I decided that it was finally time to finish it. lol. No pictures yet, but I’ll definitely have that done soon and can show you. Yup. cause I’m crazy like that. I had three projects out last night that I was running back and forth between. Why? Because I could.

18 thoughts on “A post before I go…”

  1. Have fun! Who are you sharing a room with and what are you going to do while you're there. Do you know who you're going to be meeting? I'd love to be going along, I bet you're going to have a whale of a time!

  2. Oh my goodness! I hadn't even thought of decorating our doors!! What a great idea! (And now, it looks like I'll be heading out to JoAnns…)

  3. Oh cuteness!! I wish I was going to the summit. But this year I gotta take care of this new munchkin but maybe next year I can sneak in a weekend to Utah!!

  4. Bunting and spools?? Okay, you guys are now OFFICIALLY the party room! Can't wait to meet you at dinner tomorrow night 🙂 That is, if I ever get myself packed up! Late night ahead!

  5. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts

    Oh a door decoration sounds fun- I wonder if I can squeeze that in.

    Bunting is on my to-do list for my daughter's room as well.

    See you soon!

  6. I am just reading back in the comments of people who were at SS – I love the decorating your door idea and think we will do that next year!!

    My son came down with a nasty bug the day before I left too, so I was rather torn. It was the first time I have ever left him, and even though he was spending the weekend with my husband/his papa, I was still a wreck. He was even still feeling terribly and vomited the morning I was due to leave. My husband convinced me to, and I did so reluctantly. Then by the next day he was back to his usual cheerful self, so I was relieved and was able to relax and have a great time.

    It was so nice to meet other women with a shared interest and love of sewing, but also so many other moms too.

    Hope to see you next year!

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