Progress here and progress there

I’ve been working on some of my projects that are coming up…I got an email today saying that we’re half way through the doll quilt swap already. Agh! Now I’m feeling the pressure. Ironically I was already working on the quilt when I got the email, but it still spurred me on. I feel like I am working hard but progress is slow. I’m figuring it all out as I go along and that is definitely out of my comfort zone. Next time I’m just doing some kind of really complicated geometric pattern…I’m better at that! Regardless, here’s the progress that I’ve made.


The quilting is going to make such a big difference on this and there is applique over things…those strange black strips are fence posts for example. So it’s kind of hard to tell how well this is going to turn out.

Next I need to work on the colored side a bit and get the approximate place of all the pieces on that side. I have unicorns, mermaids, castles, trees, mushrooms, rainbows, and possibly little blue birds…there’s a lot to do on that side and not much space to squeeze it all in. So I need to start placing things and see where I can fit it all.

I’ve also started working on some ideas for the 3 x 6 bee. I’ve picked out my block design and using everyone’s color choices I started playing around with possible arrangements. I used my great markers to work things out. It’s a start. The markers are obviously solid and I’ll mainly be using prints, so that will change the look significantly…but it helps me get an idea of whether I like how I am thinking of using the colors. Some I like and others I think might need some rearrangement.


So I’m working away with lots of deadlines and trying not to get too stressed out….I also did some work on my giveaway quilt but nothing photo worthy…don’t worry…it’s on my plate as well!

7 thoughts on “Progress here and progress there”

  1. you are so talented! your swap quilt looks great and your bee blocks look so complicated and wonderful! looking forward to seeing your little quilt finished!

  2. I am so loving this doll quilt, kid! The Ghastlies are a great touch, too. I eagerly await the next photo of progress!

    Smooch that pretty little girl for me. Nice to have a Ladybaby, huh? (That's what my mum always calls me, even to this day, on birthdays.) It's a special name. 🙂


  3. I love how your doll quilt is turning out, the black/grey side that you are working on is so cool it could stand alone. I love the witches on the hill 🙂

  4. Okay, so I just had a really hard time posting my comment above, it kept giving me an error. I see from your comment that other people have had the same problem? Anyway, I cleared my cache and now it is working. Hope this is helpful!

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