Project: UFO 2.0

Last year I started a little group called Project UFO.  Our goal was to attack (yes attack!) as many of our Unfinished Projects as possible.  These older projects, once the darling of our eyes, get set on the back burner for one reason or another.  And then they start to pile up.  Because once you are okay with one or two UFOs, you quickly become okay with more.

Except that you’re not.  You know they are there.  They are taking up valuable space in our sewing areas and valuable space in our brain!  So we resolved to examine our UFOs and figure out what to do with them.  Do we simply push ourselves to finish to them?  Or do we completely change the vision for the project, hand the project over to someone else or even just throw it out?  Yes.  Some just need to be tossed.

We’ve had a great year in 2012 encouraging each other, setting small manageable goals for each month and celebrating when someone finally finishes off one of the super old projects!  And so we’ve decided to continue on and tackle those UFOs, some newer and some the same, in 2013.  And as always, you are all invited to join us. Now we are Project: UFO 2.0

No pressure in this group.  Just support!

If you are new or want to update the button for your blog. I have it here.  I have posted it in multiple sizes so hopefully you can find one that works for you!

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<div align="center"><a href="" title="Cut To Pieces"><img src="" alt="Cut To Pieces" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Now on to my reality.  Yesterday I made myself pull out all of UFO (I may have missed a couple but this is good for now) and took fresh photos of them.  I went through the action of literally touching every piece of every project to REALLY get a feel for what these projects will take.  I’m pretty proud of how many UFOs I tackled last year and I’m hopeful to get through a handful again this year.  Here they are!

Project: UFO 2.0

There are eight that I’ve pulled out as ones I REALLY want to get a better handle on this year.

I made these blocks in coordinating colors from all of my blocks that are in the 99 modern blocks book.  I need to figure out block #12 (because I only designed 11) and turn that into a quilt!

Project: UFO 2.0

I also have some of the original blocks that were actually the published version of the blocks from 99 modern blocks.  Not going to lie.  I have no idea what to do with these.  I don’t think that they belong in the same project because they are all so different from each other.  But  I have them.  And I would really like to keep them.  I think.

Project: UFO 2.0

I have these two blocks that I made for another quilt that was long ago finished. I’ve loved them forever but I think it’s time to let them go.  So these are officially FREE TO A GOOD HOME!. taken! thank you!

Project: UFO 2.0

This is the most befuddling one to me.  I can’t decide if I like what I’ve started here or if I should just tear it apart and start fresh with the blocks.  These bee blocks were made over two years ago and i haven’t been able to figure out how to show them off to their best advantage.

Project: UFO 2.0

One of my most recent UFOs, I made this swoon quilt last year (just a baby one) and decided to hand quilt it.  Well…hand quilting a whole quilt just isn’t for me and it’s taking me quite a while to get through it.  It actually hurts my wrists too much…but I’m more than halfway through quilting it…so I just need to plow through and get this one done.

Project: UFO 2.0

Another set of bee blocks, this time from a Red Fabric Bee I was part of a couple years ago.  I’m not thrilled with how the two stars on the bottom right look, so I think I may toss them and try out a more modern layout for this sampler of stars.  They deserve to be finished!

Project: UFO 2.0

Last year, Mark Cesarik sent me a charm pack of his latest line to play with and I wanted to keep that glorious color intact as much as possible.  So I made these three wonky star blocks.  And I love them.  But I need a bunch more.  And I want to do different sizes, etc.  But I have plenty of fabric…so do I try to get more of his fabric or use my stash?!

And finally, another bee quilt.  I think i will tackle this one first.  It seems like the most obvious finish to me and I left it up on the design wall to make me actually work on it.  An asterisk quilt.  I was going to make a bunch more blocks but I just don’t feel like it.  I think this is enough and I’ll use all those extra cut up squares as a border around the perimeter.

Project: UFO 2.0

Phew!  Yep.  My UFOs.  I don’t fool myself into thinking I’ll get them all done this year.  I may or may not.  But I have a ton of current sewing on my plate too.  It’s always good to get it out there though and pretend that you will finish it up. 😉  I know I’ll get through some of them at least.  And I’m proud to say that I have NOT ADDED to my UFO pile since January of last year.  So I think that is progress in and of itself!!

So join us on Flickr if you want some support for those UFOs.  Nothing fancy just friends helping each other out and celebrating each finish with each other.

22 thoughts on “Project: UFO 2.0”

  1. Love all of your projects! I just listed my UFOs too. It is crazy how they all add up – and those are just the ones I have started, not the ones that I want to start. 🙂

    I have considered making journal covers out of my orphan blocks – the problem with my orphans is that they are often orphans because I didn't like them to begin with, but that is not your problem. Maybe potholders?

    I agree – the bottom red/blue blocks stand out too much.

    I love how some of your asterisks blocks are half and half. Beautiful mix.

  2. Oh, I love that primary colors one that befuddles you. You should definitely tackle it. I like how you have it arranged with a lot of negative space. Sets off the relative busyness of the blocks nicely.

  3. I pulled all my WIPs together for a post later this week – 38 of them o.O I doubt I'll get them all done this year, although I do have a bit of a schedule for them, but I also have a list of current things that need to be done, so we'll see…

  4. It's so good to reevaluate projects. I let myself get rid of a WIP last year and it was incredibly liberating. This year my goal is to have a Finished Object on Fridays. I'm with you on the UFO journey but I'm sorta scared to make a list. I will face that fear early in 2013!

  5. LOL I am always happy to finish up other people's UFO's…I am a finisher and hate seeing things hang out with no quilt party to be in! SMILE. Love you blocks!

  6. I would like you two orphan blocks. As swap mama in the Triad MQG I like to challenge my members to make a block for me to put together into a charity quilt. in Nov I challenged a block with green and a square in it. I could use a few more. The quilts go to shut-ins through our local senior services.

  7. Angela, do you read Flossie Teacakes? Florence posted not too, too long ago about some problems with hand quilting, but she made a few adjustments and it was smooth sailing thereafter. Maybe check it out. Too lazy to get you a link, sorry. But Florence is one of my favorite reads; her writing is as incredible as her sewing.

  8. Wow – your UFO's look so much more appealing than mine (want to swap?)!! I actually love all of your posted projects (except I think that the two bottom right stars from the Red Fabric Bee are out of place too)! I like Lisa's idea for making the orphaned blocks (or the red stars) into tote bags (you can never have enough gifts stashed away!).

  9. You really have some wonderful UFOs to work with. I make pillows out of orphan blocks (again for gifts to have on hand!), except for the two in the red fabrics quilt that just need to go away. 🙂 Oh, and I love that red quilt. Easy to finish – make two more gorgeous but simple blocks and you're ready to complete! As for the primary color blocks, I know immediately what I would do. I would just push them together, leave some negative space surrounding the lot, and put a colorful scrappy border! Good luck!

  10. I don't have as many UFOs as some (simply because I have that awful habit of finishing things) but there are a lot of blocks and ideas that bloggers come up with that I'd like to try. I decided to make placemats as gifts, mug rugs, or potholders out of those ideas. You might want to do that with some of your blocks that you don't think go with other blocks. Also, I had some larger blocks that I turned into lunch mats (for lack of a better word) for when people eat at their desks. Just a thought. Good luck on your UFOs and Happy New Year!

  11. I added the button to my site, I joined the group. Right after Christmas I began to search for my ufos. I made a list, I restarted working on them. I finished one before new year. I worked since then on two of them. I plan to finish a lot of them this year. Hope this becomes reality.
    The bee blocks can be sewn together in one quilt. I've seen a quilt with a lot of different blocks together. While it looks busy it looks interesting. So much to discover. Pillows for single blocks are a good idea, too. And I plan to use two single blocks for a bag.
    Happy new year!

  12. Nancy:

    Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy this year:) I agree that that last one is so near done, it will be good to tackle it first and get it out of your UFO pile. Congrats on not adding to that pile in 2012. I can't say that:) For what it is worth, I also agree with the comments you made about your other collections. Happy sewing!

  13. Wow, I am kind of scared to touch my pile of unfished projects. This may just be what I need… to get it out there in the open may just make me tackle them! You have some beautiful pieces, but I can see you are going to be very busy. Is that a type of wall that you have your blocks on?

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