Project UFO – what you’ve been making: May (whoops!) edition

So once again I feel that the ladies in Project UFO are making MUCH more progress than I am on finishing up those older projects. I’m struggling to make sure that my “current” projects don’t turn into unfinished ones. I did make a little progress though. That latest Moda Bakeshop recipe of the tablecloth has been on my plate since late November I think. And I have been making some headway with hand quilting my swoon quilt.

But there has been some lovely work being done by those over in the Project UFO group we have on Flickr.

This fabulous Row Robin Quilt belongs to Scruffycat1970 and is beautifully FINISHED!!

Project UFO

Diane {from Blank Pages…} made this gorgeous oversized Granny Square Quilt!

Project UFO

Melinda, Quirky Granola Girl has been rocking the Farmer’s Wife Blocks. She’s nearly or now finished with the blocks! That’s amazing commitment people. Here’s one of my faves of hers.

Ircabbit just finished this Emmeline Apron, one of my all time favorite apron patterns.

Project UFO

And I know that there is bunches more being worked on over there.  A lot of projects are in progress and long term.  But I don’t think I need to tell any of you how long term quilting projects can be!

4 thoughts on “Project UFO – what you’ve been making: May (whoops!) edition”

  1. I am in love with the quilted version of Granny Squares and this giant sized one is awesome! I will pin in on my Quilt and Sew Pinterest board for future reference because one of these days I am going to make it!!! Promise 😉

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