Queensland Flood Appeal – Auctions Completed!

Queensland Flood Appeal - Auctions Completed

The quilt auctions are complete and I am happy to announce that with the two quilts from my blog we were able to raise $370 for the Queensland Relief Fund!!! Thank you soooo much to everyone who bid. I am so delighted to be able to give something back to people who are flood victims as I have a great understanding of that being from New Orleans.

At least one of those quilts will be making its way all the way to Australia! So this was truly an international effort of support!

Please remember that the raffles throughout blog land will continue to be open for another couple of days and many of those are luscious fabrics! And also remember that anyone who is on my fabric diet has full immunity to purchase any fabric that is in support of this cause! You can find a list of all auctions by clicking on the icon at the beginning of the post.

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