Quilt Camp – Mission Accomplished

This past weekend I drove up to near Ann Arbor Michigan to attend Quilt Camp.  I didn’t take any of the “classes” offered but used the time to hang out with fun quilters and get a major project checked off of my list.  The Mario Quilt.

And guess what?!  I did it!  I will do a whole other post devoted to that quilt because I have lots to say about it.  But for now, enjoy a bad phone pic of the finished quilt.  I sashed it, basted it, quilted it and hand bound it while I was there.  I was a woman on a mission!

Quilt Camp - Mission Accomplished

I had a great table of quilters near me.  We were scrunched in together like Sardines so I had to take my machine to another room to get the quilting done but for the most part I was there in the trenches with these gals.

That’s Kara, Kristen, myself, Faith, and Amanda.  Let me tell you, there were so many awesome things being made at that table!!  Amanda made all the class projects and still pulled out a weekender bag!!  Kara had a fabulous quilt she was working on.  Kristen (and I’m probably spelling her name wrong) in addition to growing TWO baby girls in her tummy was cranking out christmas project after project.  And Faith was being her typical awesome self and just creating awesomeness.  Couldn’t even keep up with her.  lol

I did get a snuggle moment with Faith under my nearly finished Mario quilt at one point.  And yes, girls love Mario too!

Quilt Camp - Mission Accomplished

There were lots of completed quilt tops by everyone there (I think there were about 26 of us) and I snatched  a photo with my phone of some of them draped over the railing in one of the buildings.

Quilt Camp - Mission Accomplished

Other than my Mario Quilt, I did manage to make a couple of little bags that were simple and quick.  I made two of Jeni’s drawstring bags (that was one of the classes so I got the pattern as part of the camp).  I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to make one of them too long…which wouldn’t be a problem except that I made the lining the correct size.  So I decided to do some ruching and tucked it under a button to get the exterior back in shape.

Quilt Camp - Mission Accomplished
I'm going to give these to Caitlyn's preschool teachers and find something to put in them…maybe some cookies.  Who knows!

Quilt Camp - Mission Accomplished

I also made a zip pouch but that didn’t turn out perfectly enough for me to feel I could give it as a gift.  I was winging it and I’m not the best at 3 D sewing…especially when my brain has been totally tapped out after lots of other sewing.  But I’ll find a use for it in my sewing room.  Oh and that’s a FMF knock off in Canvas. 😉  Since I’m sure someone will ask.

Quilt Camp - Mission Accomplished

All in all, I had a good time and accomplished what I set out to do…there was lots of frustrations getting that quilt done, but it’s home and finished and washed and soooo lovely.  I’ll share all of that drama later in the week.

Thanks to all of the fun ladies I met at Quilt Camp.  I really wished you all lived closer to me.  We had folks from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and beyond!

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  1. Ok, how did I not know about Quilt Camp?! I live in Ann Arbor and certainly could have used the weekend to finish up my Mario quilt as well 😛 Yours looks great!

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