Quilt Labels with Spoonflower

I finally made myself some custom quilt labels to identify all the projects that I make.  I debated for a long time how to do this and what system to use and eventually just made myself choose.  Because something is better than nothing!

And this something is definitely better than nothing.  I’m really happy with them!

Quilt Labels with Spoonflower

There are a few tutorials out there on how to do this, so I just googled them and read through a few.  I found Julie’s tutorial the most helpful in terms of specific sizes to use for Spoonflower.  And then I just used picmonkey.com to help me create my label.  I don’t think that is necessarily the easiest way to do things but I’m familiar with picmonkey so that’s why I used it.  I have a logo that I threw on there along with my name and blog name.  Plus I included some lines to allow me to hand write (or embroider…ha!) the quilt name and year I made it…or whatever information I want to include.

Quilt Labels with Spoonflower

I uploaded my single image onto spoonflower and put it in a simple repeat (very easy to do on Spoonflower).  Then I made sure I liked it. (I did!) and ordered one yard of the design on Kona Cotton.  I think it cost me right around $18 for the whole thing and I ended up with 63 labels I believe!  So definitely pretty cost efficient for a custom label.

Quilt Labels with Spoonflower

When my yardage came, I carefully cut the fabric into strips and then the strips into the individual labels.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t cut them all up.  I don’t need them all right away and I got lazy.  But I’ll do it soon.  Then to add the label to my quilts, I pressed a quarter inch fold all around the edges to create a nice finished edge. I will then hand sew the labels onto the back corner of my quilts.

Quilt Labels with Spoonflower

I feel moderately pulled together now with quilt labels and glad that I have *something* to put on the back of my quilts to identify them.  Sometimes I know that seems like an unnecessary step but really it’s important to sign your work.  You wouldn’t paint a painting, give it to someone and not sign it!  So we need to do the same thing with our quilts.

Oh and if you are not interested in making a custom label, there are some uber adorable labels people have designed and are selling on spoonflower.  These are some of my favorites! So cute!

24 thoughts on “Quilt Labels with Spoonflower”

  1. I was just thinking about this over the weekend, when I handed off a Baby Quilt without any sort of identification on it and one of the guest actually asked where I signed it. I really need to get my act together. Your post might just be the kick in the pants I needed. Thanks!!

  2. This is great information, I went to both sights to figure out how to do it. I will research it more. I love it, because I a guilty of sending out quilts with a lable, and I know how important it is to do that.

  3. The labels are a great idea–may have to try it! One suggestion I have is to machine sew the labels onto the quilt on two sides before you stitch the binding. It makes it less likely that the label would be removed should a quilt be "borrowed", and saves a little hand stitching time too.

  4. Great idea! When I first started quilting, I couldn't imagine never signing them, and now, less than a year later, I'm guilty of doing just that. 🙁 This is a fun idea.

  5. These look great! I ordered a sample of some I designed, loved them, and have failed to follow through on actually ordering them because I keep meaning to add washing instructions, and keep forgetting to look them up o.O

  6. They look brilliant! I never label my quilts, but I would like to start. Never found a label I like, and not thought of designing my own, but now I can design my own!

  7. I love how you said you made yourself choose. Thanks for the tutorial at Julie's site. That's the second time in two days I have found my way to her site. 🙂 I'm glad you made something so cute. Spoonflower labels have been on my radar as Penny from SewTakeAHike just did the same thing with her logo.

  8. Love your quilt labels! It's so great you used your logo and made a space for you to write a personal message! I really want to make my own labels now, but first I have to make more quilts lol!

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