Quilting quilting quilting!

oh how time flies some days! I didn’t realize that it had been so many days since I had posted! A whole 3 days! Gasp! The Horror!

In my defense, because I was not blogging, I was getting some sewing done. And let’s be honest. If I don’t sew, then I really don’t have anything to blog about.

I’m happy to say that as of the evening of the 4th of October I am officially done with all of my bee blocks for the month of October. Woohoo! Now I can focus on other more important things! They are not in the mail yet, but they should be soon…they are all ready to go and customs paperwork is filled out for the international packages and everything! I just need a trip to the post office and my mind can let my bees go for the next month.

I’ve already shared some of the blocks that I’ve made…the nine patches for Brioni. But despite my recent withdrawal from two bees, I still had 3 more bees to work on.

For Ravishing in Red, Karie is making a quilt entirely out of small snowball blocks I believe. So she sent us a whole bunch of precut fabric and asked us to make 12 snowball blocks. Yes, 12 is a lot, but because she cut the fabric up, it went pretty quickly. I even did them the proper way and drew my diagonal line on all the little squares so that they would line up correctly!

Ravishing in Red

For Bee Modern Too, I had almost the opposite experience! Instead of a bunch of little blocks, Dena wanted two very large Hug blocks. The finished at about 15 3/4″ square but that was after trimming off 1 1/2″ from each side. So they were quite large and I was a little worried when I started to trim them down because I REALLY didn’t want to mess them up and redo them. I already had mis-cut one of the large white squares and had to replace it with white from my own stash. Thankfully I think I must have had the exact same fabric because I couldn’t tell the difference between them and I’m VERY picky about that! LOL.

Dena gave us some rough directions on how to make these but all the X part was free style scrappy piecing. She was open to us adding scraps so I took the opportunity to use some of mine and let them go to a good home! LOL. I think that blocks turned out cute and I’m excited to see her whole quilt. It’s supposed to be a hugs and kisses quilt eventually, but I think that just a hug quilt would be very pretty!

Then for Pretty in Pink, Chelsea wanted Beach Houses on an all sand background. There have been a lot of house block quilts being made in my bees lately, so I was happy to have slightly different theme of beaches for inspiration. I ended up drafting my own little pattern in EQ and making her some beach cabanas! We just had to make sure that we used some pink in each of the blocks!

I got crazy and added a cyclist to this one! LOL.



I made the pattern to make 6″ square blocks. And I think that they would look adorable in a row quilt…I would line a whole bunch of them up together!

And then I made another one for a different special little quilt being made…this time I just added the bike!


So…since I made the pattern and I think that it’s a cute little block, I thought that I would offer it to you all in case any of you would like to make it. It’s paper pieced and done in two sections that you put together.

I’ve also put the link to the pdf printable version of this block in my side bar under My Tutorials for now. I may try to reorganize that…

Please use this pattern for personal use only and do not resell it or items made from the pattern. The pattern is set to make a 6″ finished block, so if you want a different size simply enlarge or reduce to your preferences. One note about printing, as with all paper pieced patterns, do not have your settings scale the image to fit the page. You do not want to rescale the piece unknowingly. So make sure that it is kept at the original scale. You should be able to measure it quickly to see whether you’ve kept it in scale or not if in doubt. I hope that you enjoy it and would love to see any pieces you make with it!

8 thoughts on “Quilting quilting quilting!”

  1. Angela, I just finished Dena's blocks as well and I also screwed up some of the white! I made the mistake of sewing the long bias edge of the triangle to the long side of the pieced rectangle and then chopped off the points before I realized what I had done! Is that what happened to you as well? I guess I'd feel better about ruining Dena's fabric if I knew someone as careful as yourself had made the same mistake! LOL.

  2. Gosh this is so pretty. I am extremely jealous of your sewing talents! I have only just started to quilt and am still trying to work my way around a sewing machine….

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