quilting retreat – a blatant use of other talented member’s work!

I swear that I did indeed get some things done over the weekend, but unfortunately they are not ready to share yet. Darn. So you just have to believe me. In lieu of my own work, I’m going to shamefully delighting you with the work of some of the other clever ladies there. And here’s where I am sad because I did not get pictures of everyone and their work. It was a little crazy at the end with everyone packing up. But I do have some eye candy of some of them to show you and you can read more about them on their blogs or see them on flickr.

First off is Kaelin’s spider web quilt. This was made by members of the Bee a little bit Japanese group…and that was while I was still in it! So she had two blocks made by me in her collection. Kaelin pointed out that she knew immediately which were mine because I had swirled the seams on the back. LOL.

Quilting retreat

Now Kaelin can’t say it on her blog, but I don’t know who made what and let’s just say that some of the blocks she received were less than stellar. It frustrates me when people send really sloppy blocks not due to lack of ability but just…well…I want to say laziness but I don’t want to judge. So let’s just say that they have other priorities. But I always make a concerted effort to send my best work to people. So Kaelin had to spend a bit of time reworking some of the blocks…but she’s clever so she can do that! And her almost completed top is gorgeous!

quilting retreat

And Kaelin looks pretty good in it too!

quilting retreat

Then there was a darling baby quilt that Cherie finished while she was there. A simple design but boy is it effective. It just looks great! I believe that she quilted and bound this in the first night! show off! LOL. I think I made one block in that time!

quilting retreat

And I have a great picture of her with her quilt, but I’ll show you this tamer one instead in order to preserve her sterling reputation. Teehee!

quilting retreat

You already saw a picture of part of Karen’s bento box quilt on the design wall, but she finished piecing that top and I never got a picture of it! Darn! But is was fun to help rearrange a few of her blocks for a more random look. It’s so helpful to have so many good eyes there!

And Lana was working on what may be her very first quilt…a brick path quilt! She was a trooper and stayed up reasonably late with us sewing away. But did I get a picture of it? No! Darn me! and she was sitting right next to me!

Oh and another thing I didn’t get a picture of…Mandi’s freakishly talented ability to free motion quilt any animal into a baby quilt. “It’s just like drawing” she said. Ha! My stick figures don’t even look good. She had dinosaurs and puppy dogs (obviously a baby boy quilt) and was taking suggestions for anything else to throw in there. It was ridiculously amazing. Mandi has a fly by the seat of her pants approach to quilting which is good for me…because my perfectionism can sometimes get in the way of enjoying a project.

Stinking talented…every last one of them! I didn’t get nearly as much done as everyone else, but I was on strict instructions from my husband to not completely wear myself out. Mainly I think I enjoyed shopping! LOL. I’ll show you my purchases in my next post! See, I have a talent…it’s called knowing how to give someone my credit card. 😉

4 thoughts on “quilting retreat – a blatant use of other talented member’s work!”

  1. Is it bad that all I could think of when I saw the first picture was: "dear God someone shoot me because I had no idea I looked like that from the side". I would've rethought all those midnight retreat cookies if I'd known my chin looked like that, haha! Curse you New Orleans and your irresistable food! But seriously, keep that picture up there because it will motivate me not to be a piggy…haha!

  2. Kaelin, that made me laugh because I was thinking, "Geez, my face looks at lot rounder than my Flickr pic!" And those scrub pants….well, wearing PJs to work has it's drawbacks, namely that it's really easy to put on 10 pounds and still fit in my clothes 🙁

    Don't let Angela fool you though. She had some pretty amazing blocks! I think they are just in the top secret vault for now.

    And I would LOVE to go to the Sewing Summit. I need to look into the cost of flying out there…

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