So a few of my close friends and I are starting a round robin quilt bee.  I haven’t done a bee in a LONG time at this point because the commitment level was too much.  I have too many UFOs now from blocks gathered through bees that are waiting for me to get to them.  But a round robin style bee is just a bit different…the quilt travels to each person and we are all working on a different person’s quilt each month or so.

I’ve done this style of bee before…it was my very first bee actually.  And I love the concept in theory but I learned the hard way that you need to do this with people who are truly committed and who you know well enough to hound down if the quilt gets stuck somewhere.  Because the downfall of a member who is unreliable is that they will have the WHOLE quilt rather than just holding up a block or two.

But I know my friends well, we are are in constant communication, and they are not going anywhere.  All in all, this should be a great way to get a quilt made through the help of these friends and contribute to each of their quilts as well.  Plus it allows us to be flexible with the timeline…month or 90 days…whatever.  The point is to get the quilt back eventually and enjoy watching each person add their flavor to it.

We are calling our group #quiltjourney and will be tagging our quilts with that as we post pictures of our progress. We will all have our theme or style.  Some people want medallion style, others want friendship bracelet style, others improv.

And then there’s me.  I’m always making things tricky.  lol  No easy topics for me.  I’ve debated heavily over what I wanted for a quilt.  I want it to be a quilt that lets each person add a very personal touch.

Themes I considered were

  • night sky/constellations
  • ghastlies (a quilt designed around the ridiculously fanciful ghastlies fabric lines)
  • fairy tales

I threw all those themes out there at them and the unanimous choice from them was……drumroll…..still waiting?…..

Fairy Tales!

I think that’s what I really wanted too because it was the only one that I had created a pinterest board for, collecting images and inspirations.

fairy tale quilt

fairy tale quilt

fairy tale quilt

fairy tale quilt

fairy tale quilt

fairy tale quilt

fairy tale quilt

These are a sampling of the imagery that is currently inspiring me and I hope will inspire my friends.  But now I have to figure out what I want to do to kick start my own quilt.  What image?  What character?  What words?

Does anyone have any suggestion for me of patterns out there?  Favorite fabrics that evoke fairy tales? Let’s get this quilt journey started!

20 thoughts on “QuiltJourney”

  1. What a lovely concept/theme. I'll be looking forward to seeing your quilt come to life.

    One day I hope to have the opportunity to participate in a Round Robin Bee, it looks like so much fun.

  2. Oh man, I've been looking for a round robin style bee for a while, but like you, I've been burned with some past bee mates and with a round robin, it's so much harder to just say, "well, let me make an angel block so this person doesn't get less than everyone else."

  3. Oh, how fun Angela. This seems like such a wonderful way to sew with friends 🙂 And what a great theme!!! I love the idea of books in the center as well, maybe with some castle bookends 🙂 Or maybe a castle with books leaning up against it. So I guess I like castles and books 😉

  4. Oh what a neat idea for a round robin quilt. I want to join another bee but it seems rather hard to find one that will take a new member these days! I envision a book or castle in the middle, with a border of crowns, another border of castles or books (depending on which was in the middle), with a border of stars. So many possibilities!

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