So in reality, life is pretty darn crazy for me right now. We’ve moved 1000 miles from New Orleans to South Bend in the last week and a half.

My husband and I had a two-night getaway for the first time in almost 3 years (way too long!) last weekend.

and just for Kelly!

My little girl will be 18 months on the tenth and getting feistier every day.

We’re still at my in-laws where the internet was not fully working until today when we paid someone to come and fix it so that I can get online. We were supposed to move into our temporary housing a day or two after we got to Indiana, but that is taking longer than expected…so we’ll be at my in-laws for at least another week. I finally set up my sewing machine today and made binding for a baby quilt that isn’t going to anyone yet. Totally not the biggest priority, but it was one of the easiest things to tackle… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I promise I’m working on the zig-zag quilt. I think about it ridiculously often. lol. Yesterday I had crazy thoughts of completely redesigning the whole thing so that the measurements were a little easier (like 2 1/2 instead of 1 7/8) but then I figured that you guys can handle that. I told myself to take a deep breath and walk away from the rainbow. I still need to remake half of the quilt pieces since I cut them incorrectly but I think that will be faster than redoing everything. Still, it did all look super pretty even if it was cut the wrong way. 😉

(forgive the evening shot)

Phew! What’s your last week been like?!

11 thoughts on “Reality”

  1. What's my week been like? Not as crazy as yours! lol

    By the way, I really like that chair fabric in your mis-cut pile. Can you tell me the name of that?

  2. You are amazing! I'm glad you got some quality time with your hubby. It is so important. The picture of your little girl is so sweet. Mine just turned 15 in April and it seems like just yesterday she was that age. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! Take care.

  3. I love the colors!!! They look so great together!! I am sorry for all of the crazy busy that is your life right now 🙂 I feel your pain. The packing is going on today, the truck leaves on Saturday and we fly home on Monday. I am going to miss South Bend. Love it lots for me 🙂

  4. Two new part time jobs (one volunteer) and learning 2 new computer systems, on the same day, even, Quilts of Valor sew-in on Tuesday, 2 quilt guild meeting this week (just got home from one), Thursday sew-in where I completed 1 set of my Santa blocks for a block exchange. Headed to Wisconsin on Saturday to drop my son off at scout camp for the summer. Oh, and I learned how to make Yo-Yo's this evening. I made 12.

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