Reason number 582 that I need a design wall…

I was planning on showing you all this layout for my paintbox quilt and talking about what I’m doing differently…

I’m happy with some things about this layout and not about others. But as it turns out, it really doesn’t matter. Because last night my little kitty decided to have some fun and this is what I woke up to.

Good thing I was planning on changing the layout! That naughty girl…here she is, innocently standing by her work with no acknowledgement of what she had done. Cats! It’s a good thing that she’s pretty!

But I do still want to talk about this quilt. Yes it’s the paintbox quilt even though I know it doesn’t look anything like it. I decided at each turn to do something different and what I got is…well…different. So don’t judge it by the other versions. I actually really love the yellow sashing, although it looks a little overwhelming in these pictures. It was hard to find a fabric that went with forty different pastels! I chose not to do white because I feel like that is too easy. I think that it would show off the rainbow better, but at this point I don’t think that the quilt is so much about the rainbow as it is about all the blocks and colors. It’s more of a crazy quilt I guess. I used one focus fabric on every block instead of making each block completely one color…so that already lessened the rainbow aspect. Then I didn’t want to play it safe with the sashing. If I always play it safe, then I’ll never learn how to push myself. And I think that when you push yourself, you get some of your best work.

I can’t tell yet if this will be a stunning success in the end, a slightly crazy but pleasant mess, or just another quilt. But I know that I didn’t just make another quilt with blocks. I took some chances for me personally and I’m interested to see how I like it all in end. This is usually the stage where I start hating a quilt…so all seems normal! LOL.

This is the second layout that I’ve tried and I still can make it better. I think that I’m going to angle the colors in a rainbow diagonally across the quilt. This was a clustered but free form layout and I think that it’s too subtle for the fabrics I’ve chosen. So I’m going to try a more obvious layout because I think that it will still feel subtle with these particular blocks.

4 thoughts on “Reason number 582 that I need a design wall…”

  1. I like it! I'm always trying to push myself to use something other than white! Your kitty cracks me up! One of my dogs thinks that anything I lay down on the ground is for her so I know how it feels to have your work invaded. 🙂

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