Reindeer Embroidery – FINISHED!

Yay! I’m super excited because I finished my reindeer embroidery wall hangings. I started these back in September I think with my very first embroidery patterns…the reindeer.

You can find the info on the embroidery patterns from my previous post HERE.

Reindeer Embroidery

I did a simple quilting pattern around the perimeter of the wall hangings because I didn’t want to distract from the embroidery. Then I bound each with a combo of lime green fabrics. I’m one of those crazy people who loves to hand sew my bindings. And then I added two grommets at the top of each wall hanging to help hang them.

Reindeer Embroidery

The plan is to hang these in the staircase of my new house next Christmas season. I’m sure we’ll actually be in the house by then. lol (oh that kind of hurts to even joke like that!)

Here they are on my design wall with a couple of my swoon blocks…boy those swoon blocks are huge!

Reindeer Embroidery

Each one is a fun time! And gosh darn if it isn’t just fun to have them finished! 😉

28 thoughts on “Reindeer Embroidery – FINISHED!”

  1. They look just wonderful! I just can't decide on a fave, but Dancer is surely right near the top. 🙂

    I'm so happy I got the patterns – I have something to look for next fall.

  2. SO cute! I don't think I'd be able to put them away until next Christmas. Come to think of it, my Christmas quilt is still on the couch. Hmm…

    (I'm with you on hand-sewing bindings!)

  3. Love those reindeer, Angela! They're just adorable, especially how you finished them. Isn't it exciting to think about hanging them in your new home? I'm so very happy for you, perhaps because I too am looking forward to doing the same thing, moving into a new house. Just have to sell THIS one first. Ha! I know I'm being overly optimistic because I want to move by the end of April, but it's the only way to get through the drudgery of sorting and paring down 23 years worth of stuff. Have a great time moving and settling into your new house.

  4. These turned out really well! I am still working on mine. They have been in progress for way to long (2yrs)…I am going to try and get them done this year…after seeing yours I am going to move mine up the to do list….

  5. Congrats! They look wonderful! I'm progressing with mine – I started in mid-January with the idea of doing one a week and I'm still on schedule. I couldn't decide what to do with Blitzen's beer mug so I'm glad I could take a peek at yours. 🙂 I'll finish him up this weekend.

    1. That was definitely one of the harder things for me to figure out too. It was the only time I added a fourth color to my embroidery. I just had to do the frothy white bubbles!

  6. Your reindeer wall hangings are great. What a neat idea to make three instead of one big one. They look great now and they will be beautiful on the wall of your new house this Christmas. Your Swoon blocks are gorgeous as well.

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