Sew-Less Summer – Featuring Tracey Jacobsen

Today is our last installment in the Sew-Less Summer series! Kids are back at school and up North you can already tell there is a change in the weather. Last, but definitely not least today, I am happy to welcome my friend Tracey from traceyjayquilts.  (Oh be sure to hop over to here blog and check out her fabulous quilt patterns she has designed and has for sale!)

Tracey Jacobsen mobile

Tracey has two children, Steiger and Scarlet (top those names!). And lately she has been eagerly creating things for her daughter’s new room. And so this tutorial was born!

I am trying to fill my daughter’s nursery with handmade touches, and this pretty mobile is perfect.  (And she loves it, even though it’s not hanging yet — need to get a hook for the ceiling).

This mobile was inspired by this one I saw on etsy, and this one on pinterest.


  • Trusty hot glue gun
  • about 1 yd. of fabric/poof (for density shown above) – of whatever colors you like
  • ribbon for hanging
  • some small Chinese lanterns (I got mine on amazon)
  • optional: Olfa circle cutter (I also got this on amazon).

First — cut LOTS of circles.  Lots and lots.  It took me about one yard of fabric per poof.  These are about 2 1/2″ in diameter.

There’s not much new here — just make sure to keep filling with glue and petals.  It helps to move the petals to the side and really squish ’em in there.

I think it’s pretty full and dense.

(Optional: you can spray with a light coating of Acrylic sealer if you’re worried about the fabric fraying).

Get an embroidery hoop, and some ribbon and loop it through the lantern and then stitch or secure the ends together so the poof hangs from the interior part of the hoop.

To finish — put your hoop inside the outer ring, add some ribbon for hanging (make sure to keep it balanced), and enjoy! ♥

Even the hummingbirds love it.

Hope you enjoy!  Thanks Angela for hosting! (and for being patient with me…) 😉

Thank you so much for sharing this Tracey!  It’s gorgeous! I’m pretty sure Caitlyn needs one. 😉

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