Sew-Less Summer

Now I don’t want you to think that I’m all talk and no action.  I have not forgotten about this summer series that I promised you!  But I rather predictably over estimated the time it would take to get MY first project done, let alone anyone else.  Good rule of thumb: if you think something is going to take you a certain amount of time…double it.

So, my (hopefully!) next post will be on my first project for the Sew-Less Summer Series.  My Goal is to feature a number of projects and you all with projects that involve little to no sewing for the summer days.  Maybe you are hanging by the pool or watching kids in the backyard…or you just are feeling a little crafty…hopefully there will be a project that sparks your interest!

So get ready to break out the glue, scissors, modge podge, and the like and have some fun with a Sew-Less Summer.  

PS.  It’s perfectly okay to say you are doing a sew-less summer and also do the Mario Brothers Quilt along. 😉  I know because I’m doing both.

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