Sewing Machine Drama

Ugh! Tonight has been an exercise in futility. I have scads of sewing to do and my machine is of course acting up. It’s been fine…I’ve been using it a lot, yes, but I take pretty good care of it. I try to clean it pretty regularly.

Tonight my machine could not be placated. I opened every spot I know that I can and took my cleansing brush to remove all the lint. I hunted down the air blower and pushed out even more lint. I took tweezers to tiny crevices to get as much lint out on the off possibility that it could be causing the problem. I changed the needle. changed the foot. changed the bobbin. changed the thread.

But after two hours of this, still my machine is not working correctly. There is something messed up with the bobbin. It is pulling too tight or something. I looked up trouble shooting tips in my machine’s manual and it didn’t even give me as much advice as I already tried. The thread is getting all tangled on the bottom! I can’t sew a single stitch!

Worst case scenario, I take the machine to the shop on Monday…maybe even tomorrow…because I really have some major deadlines with my sewing (partly why I’ve been a little quiet on the blog end of the world). I’m sure it is a simple enough problem. Hopefully my handy husband will be able to look at it tomorrow and see what magic he can do. Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes or hands to try something different. But it’s so frustrating when your machine decides to randomly not work. Doesn’t it know that I have needs? As in, I NEED it to work properly! You are an expensive machine!!! Perform!

And just so this whole post isn’t frustration…I leave you with a bit of cuteness. Today my Caitlyn is 10 months old on 10/10/2010. Isn’t that fun?! She’s so cute lately (even with her most recent cold!). Every day I think she learns a new trick.

Here’s Caitlyn doing her favorite activity…eating grass.

She’s pulling herself up and getting into even more things.  The good thing is that she’s going for the cook books…so maybe she’ll be helping in the kitchen soon!


I'm not doing anything.

13 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Drama”

  1. Ahhh! Sorry about the machine – I have a difficult time parting with mine to take it in for a cleaning and tuning. I know this sounds like a simple solution…but did you try to re-thread the machine? I used to work for a Husqvarna dealer and most of the time problems were incorrect threading!

  2. My machine was just in for a cleaning. It was only gone 2 days, but it was rough!

    Did you try taking your bobbin out and putting it back in? Or winding a new bobbin?
    Sometimes you just need to "reboot". 🙂

  3. Tangles in the bobbin area are so frustrating! I had that happen recently. Both my mom (a 35+ year sewer) and the machine repairman said the same thing, "Tangles below mean problems above, it always has to do with your thread, not the bobbin when there are tangles in the bobbin." My advice is to rethread (again)using your manual as a guide and to check your tension. Hope you get it sorted out soon!

  4. 😀

    I too HATE when machines don't work! argh!

    But Caitlyn is a cutie!

    S is 18 months old today! I can't believe it. He's currently out on the harvester with Daddy. 🙂

  5. Sorry about the machine, thats a bummer!! Hope its an easy fix!
    Caitlyn is so cute…I remember when Aliya was that age. Thats the age where I though it was weird when she was crawling around in my closet…she was an early walker. You will be there very soon!! It happens in no time after they start pulling up!

  6. I had this recently. Turns out one of the springs that controls the tension had worn out. When I dropped off the machine I explained that I was minutes away from finishing a project and I desperately wanted my working machine back and they had it ready for me within the work day. 🙂

  7. It's always so frustrating when you can't work out the simple machine issues on your own. Ugh. Even more troublesome is being without your machine. I hope your hubby can work some magic on it!

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