Sewing Summit Schedule is up!

The Schedule is up!  I’m not exactly sure when we sign up for classes, but it’s so fun to see what the weekend will look like.  There are so many awesome classes this year.

You can catch the schedule HERE! I suggest printing it off and figuring out what your top two classes would be for each session. You know you want to sew curves with me right? lol Sometimes I feel like I picked the least desirable topic. But it WILL be fun! I promise!

At the bottom of the page is the list of the class descriptions and many of us teachers have provided photographs of class samples to give you an idea of what you will be making.  Since it is finally up over there, I think I can share it here…

We will be sewing a mini that can be stretched on a canvas (like my multi colored version) or made into a pillow (like my single print version) or really anything you like!

Plus, Sizzix is helping me out with the class and providing us with die cutters for use during the class to help us keep everything moving along and make life just THAT much easier.  Thank you Sizzix!!!

I’m really excited to teach about sewing curves, a topic near and dear to my heart these days, and see everyone’s beautiful creations.  I’ll be there to give you all my tips and tricks for making this process literally as smooth as possible.

I have my flights all booked (again…first airline stopped flying from my airport…lovely) and I’m all ready to go now. 7 weeks I think?! Shoot. If I want to make a Weekender, then I better get started. 😉 Another WIP coming your way.

11 thoughts on “Sewing Summit Schedule is up!”

  1. Can you believe I made a Weekender in February to take to London for the FQ Retreat and I completely forgot about it! Crazy! Your project looks great, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

  2. I love the look of your curves class, Angela. Will definitely be signing up for this one. There are so many awesome classes to choose from. I am totally counting down too!

  3. I cannot stress how much I love this design. I love it even more stretched over the canvas. I love the grey background which has texture but reads solid. I love the pinwheel and the motion. Have I mentioned I love it?

  4. Oh pooh, I can't come to Sewing Summit…so how can I learn how to make this totally awesome pillow pattern??? Hint, hint…I can just see it on my couch or living room chair…some more hints…

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