♪ Sewing…and it feels so good ♪

I did it!  I finally sewed in my new house!  I’ve been getting itchy…the kind of itch that only petting pretty fabric and sewing it together can fix.

You can feel free to laugh at me, but no…I STILL haven’t used my new machine.  I have both machines set up and I even had to give my “old” machine some tender love after the move but that was less stressful than learning a new machine.  I just needed to start SEWING!  Everything has been new and different…and I needed the comfort of my machine I know.

The very first thing I made was a sloppy quick new ironing board cover.  And the fab thing about ironing boards is that you can’t tell that it is less than perfect. 😉  Got to love elastic wrapped under the bottom.  I decided to use a fabric that I would love with my new room and yet not mind destroying.  Because let’s face it…ironing board covers get destroyed.  So I chose some Hope Valley in a fabulous yellow that I don’t have a great word to describe.  I got the fabric for just over $3 a yard earlier this year at my lqs.  They had NO idea what they had put in clearance.  I was SUCH a good girl and did not buy all it.

Oh yeah…and that is my new iron that I won too. See…I’m using some of my prizes 😉

Next, I hopped onto a bee block for Elizabeth, Don’t call me Betsy, for the Stash Trad Bee. Her month was April and I’m a few days late obviously. But life has been crazy and I haven’t sewn anything in almost a month. (except for a bit the night before I moved. But my machine started spitting bobbin thread at me…it didn’t want to sew any more that night)

♪ Sewing...and it feels so good ♪

Her block is called The Radiant Ring and we’re all making her either a cool or warm block. Clearly I chose to make a warm block…because I’m so hot 😉 I love the little sand piper center.  It’s a fun one!

♪ Sewing...and it feels so good ♪

Tomorrow I plan to work on this month’s bee block for Felicity. I’m usually one of the first ones done. But the last few months have been out of control crazy and I’ve been one of the last ones lately. So I must get back to over achiever status. 😉

20 thoughts on “♪ Sewing…and it feels so good ♪”

  1. I think your block for Elizabeth is awesome. So is your ironing board cover. You sewed the night before you moved? Oh, wait. Didn't you go to a quilting retreat like the night before your left New Orleans? You rock!

  2. I'm sew impressed that you made your own ironing board cover! Mine has a huge hole in it and I tried ordering a new one (I have an over-sized board) but the darn thing had some sort of coating on the fabric that melted into the iron. Talk about disgusting! Love your block with the little sandpiper running through it.

  3. I'm so happy for you to be sewing in your own place, your new home! I can imagine how it feels after being "without." As of Thursday, I'm "without" until we start house-hunting, buy a new place, and move cross-country. Your blog posts about your move have been most timely, and I'm happily anticipating for myself what you've been going through. Your ironing board cover is great, as are those blocks.

  4. Lucky you to have won an iron such a nice Rowenta. It's the same as my backup iron and I luv it! Adore the block! Am hoping you might share where the sandpiper fabric came from??? You make me want to recover my ironing board because your's is so pretty. And mine is still in pretty good shape. 🙂
    I am soooo looking forward to what you think of your new macbine. I swear to you that there is no learning curve on this machine and you will kick yourself for not having sewn on it sooner. :))))

  5. Aw Angela, not to worry. One late block isn't going to put a dent in your over-achiever status!

    I love the ironing board cover – it looks fab!

  6. You are so inspiring – I go to your blog every day! I hope you've been getting acquainted with your new Janome Horizon. She's a beautiful machine and once you learn to dance together === you'll love her forever! Can't wait for your next post 🙂

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