Sherbet Log Cabin

I’ve been making so many things lately that require me to write out the directions or take photographs throughout the progress or even design the whole project. The other day I just rebelled. In a very typical Angela way of procrastination… I chose to make a quilt that had NO purpose. NO directions. No deadline. NO predetermined fabrics.

Sherbet Log Cabin

I started with my scraps and stayed there. This ENTIRE top is from my scraps and sadly they hardly look like they have been touched. I wanted to do something “wonky” but my personal version of wonky is all straight lines…they are just not all pre-measured. I squared up every block at 12.5″ unfinished but just enjoyed the freedom getting there.

Sherbet Log Cabin

At first, I was going to do the entire quilt with green blocks with pink centers, no sashing. There was no particular reason why except that I felt like I hadn’t used my green fabrics in a long time. So I made a whole slew of green blocks. Then I decided to give the quilt a purpose. And Not surprisingly, my purpose became her.

Sherbet Log Cabin

We are getting ready to transfer her to a “big girl” bed and I decided to make this her big girl quilt. And that changed the way I was approaching the quilt just slightly. I opted to add pink blocks with green centers and then eventually also added some yellow and blue blocks. The white sashing was from a jelly roll that I won from the Moda Sliced Competition. Which makes it SUPER simple to sash a quilt.

Sherbet Log Cabin

I deliberately forced myself to use fabrics together that I wouldn’t normally pick because I know that it adds more depth to the top as a whole. And each block blends together when seen in the quilt top whole. I honestly don’t find any fabrics that stick out even if it “killed” me to add it into the quilt. In fact, this is a great way to use up fabrics that aren’t always your favorites. I’m amazed at how well fabrics play together when put in a design like this one.

Sherbet Log Cabin

I do use a lot of precious fabrics I suppose, but I was just so happy to actually use them. A good number of prints I had at least a 1/4 yard of hanging out in my scrap box. That is soooo not a scrap and they were begging to be used. So I happily chopped them into strips and threw together this quilt.

Sherbet Log Cabin

I spent a whole other day piecing together a back to look like a large wonky log cabin using fabrics all in my stash. Now the quilt is basted and just waiting for me to quilt it. I will get to it soon because I think we’re going shopping for her mattress today! So maybe tomorrow?!

But I love it and it was soooo nice to make something just for me (or as it turns out for Caitlyn) and not have to worry that I get the directions right or take enough pictures, etc. This was just for fun.

And it’s good to have fun. 😉

48 thoughts on “Sherbet Log Cabin”

  1. Oh it looks totally fab, love how all the fabrics work together, and Miss C looks very taken with it! I do know what you mean about the 'do something for yourself' bug, it bit me late last night, and I started on a My Precious quilt that wasn't scheduled for me to get to for months (as it's just for me).

  2. That is such a fun, happy quilt. I'm sure your daughter will treasure it–and that she'll enjoy looking at all the different prints as she grows up with it on her big girl bed. 🙂

  3. I think Caitlyn will love her quilt. It has such fun fabrics and the colors are perfect. Hope you have time to do some more fun quilting things.

  4. To me that is what quilting is all about: to have fun! So glad you enjoyed the process of making this beautiful quilt! I am in the process of making a log cabin for my 4 year old… it is pink and purple with yellow centers. Love log cabins!!! Your daughter seems to love it already!

  5. So fresh – your fabrics are all so amazing and it all works so well together. I'm sure she will love her big-girl bed quilt! Wish I had a stash like yours. (I'm willing to help you with yours if you want!!!) 😉

  6. Such great colors – I love the overall effect! The other thing I like about making quilts out of scraps is it is fun to go back and remember what I had used the fabrics for in the past.

  7. I simply adore the randomness of this quilt! I don't do random. Even when I try, it still involves plotting. At first glance, I thought, "Man, I hope this is a kit." Too bad for me. 🙂

  8. Amen, sister – it is GOOD to sew for fun. Can you keep reminding me of this, please? I've been wanting to do log cabins. You're fulling the fire! Your mix of scraps looks nicely planned. Thanks for walking us through your color progress. The whole look is perfect… especially the little girl on the quilt top! Way to go using your scraps!

  9. totally awesome! I've been getting stalled on "matching" prints–I'm going to keep this post on the top of my inspiration list that things look great when they don't match! and while I love log cabins, I'm not a fan of the dark/light format, so thanks for a gorgeous twist!

  10. To be able to breeze through a project "just for fun" is always wonderful! Can't wait to see the back. I love log cabins. They're homey and comfortable and easy to put together. Great job!

  11. What fun & colour, Angela, looks like your little one wants to play eye-spy…What a graduation present!!! You have set your standards high.

  12. The quilt is really, really pretty. I am new to quilting and have a slight accountant's brain. Having a stash of scraps or even fat quarters to create such a masterpiece is both scary in thought to me and something I'd like to achieve! Again, beautiful.