Signing off from New Orleans

Well, I think that this will be my last post from Louisiana!  The sewing machine is officially packed up and my chair was just loaded onto the moving truck seconds ago! lol.  Kaelin and Karen came over last night with their machines and we had one last group sew together.  It was complete with chick-fil-a, favorite baby, and many episodes of Glee.  So many of our favorite things.  Kaelin and I worked on our bottled rainbow blocks and Karen was working on her mod bento box blocks for a swap that a few of us will be doing from the group.  They both stayed much longer than they intended to, but saying goodbye is always hard.  Thankfully we know that the next time we’re all together will be a fabulous time at the sewing summit in Salt Lake City.  It helps to know when we’ll see each other again.

But onto the sewing.  I completed three more bottled rainbow blocks.  I had two more ready to be worked on, but I decided that I didn’t need to kill myself with these.  I am doing this quilt because I enjoy it.  Not because it needs to be done by a certain time. 😉  But I’m not quite me if I’m not being an overachiever with ridiculously lofty goals.  I’m actually kind of proud of myself that I’m not making sure that my machine is the first thing that I set up when I get to Indiana.  Teehee.  Even I need a break sometimes.

So I worked on a beautiful Plum block.  I was really surprised that I had enough fabric scraps in this particular shade, but I did!

rainbow blocks

I also completed a pink block.  I’m a little less sure about this one for some reason, but Kaelin and Karen assured me that it was beautiful and in one last show of faith I chose to believe them. 😉

rainbow blocks

But I think I love this yellow block the most (it’s always a toss-up though).  In the spirit of no longer hoarding my fabric, I’m proud of myself for using my new scrap of FFA III, the guitars, as the kicking-off point for this block.  And I love how many of my other favorite designers I managed to squeeze into the block as well.  Truly a happy block.  I think I need to quilt with yellow more often.

rainbow blocks

So that’s it from New Orleans.  I’m amazed at the wonderful quilting friends that I have found here and can only hope that I find people I like half as well in the next home.  Hugs and Kisses to all my friends here!  I will miss you all!

22 thoughts on “Signing off from New Orleans”

  1. Happy moving Angela! Love these blocks… and I've not doubt you'll quickly get new sewing comrades in your new place (though it will be hard to find ones as cool). 😉

  2. Bon voyage. I have a happy feeling for you. Moving is truly bittersweet especially when you leave such wonderful friends…but I love the excitement of starting new. All the best to you and your family and we'll 'see' you back here soon. The blocks are beautiful (I just LOVE the plum one!).

  3. Great blocks! I love yellow for quilting. In fact the colours I prefer to wear like purple I am not so likely to quilt with. But colours I probably wouldn't wear like orange and yellow I LOVE in quilts. Safe trip x

  4. I love these blocks! You have a great eye for putting the fabrics together. Each block must be so fun to make! Enjoy your move–think of it as an adventure with new friends waiting for you at the end!

    Deb from

  5. The Rainbow blocks are fabulous! They are a nice way to end your sewing in New Orleans. 😀

    Good luck on your move to Indiana. I have a feeling you'll find some more great quilty friends when you get there…

  6. What a happy story and how lucky you have been to have these friends. Looking forward to meeting you all at the Summit!

    p.s. It still surprises me that in real life people and friends are making Bottled Rainbows. What a lovely crazy world!

  7. Beautiful block, I love the plum color so rich…….good luck with the move, hopefully it will go smooth and you will get settled in soon….

  8. Nice to know you'll be meeting up with your friends again. I've moved many times in my life and know how it can be great and still a little lonely. Wishing you the best in your new home.

    Also love the bottled rainbows…wish I had time to do this. I think it's good that you don't rush and let it be your side project…enjoy the process.

  9. LOVE the yellow too 🙂 Your blocks are wonderful, and I need to know the secret how ALL of your blocks have been squared up so perfectly! Mine all have a bit of batting showing somewhere :)- and yes, can hardly wait to meet you and K and K at the Summit!!

  10. LOVE the bottled blocks, they're just beautiful, and you're going to have one seriously gorgeous quilt when you're finished!

    All the best for a safe, happy and successful move!

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