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Hey all,
I’m still working on putting together my thoughts on what to call this upcoming sew along for princess dresses.  But while I get my act together I thought I would let you know that I noticed that Joanns is currently having a sale with Simplicity patterns for $1.  I think it might go through to tomorrow…so if you are interested you might want to run out and pick it up for cheapy cheap!

Just a note that I’m pretty sure this is the current pattern number.  It’s the one that I have found online on Simplicity’s site and others.  But I know for a fact that this pattern comes under another number because I own it and it is not the same.  The only difference is the number though.  Mine is 0153 I believe.  So if you think you already picked this one up or your store has the older number, no worries.  Same pattern.  Different number.

While you are picking up the pattern you might want to take a look at the general notions for the pattern.  Clearly you will need thread, machine needles, and elastic.  I’ll be going through the fabric ideas for each particular dress and extra notions.  But those basics will be used in all of the dresses.

I personally think this is a great little pattern to use if this is your first time garment sewing.  There are no special closures (yay elastic!) and few pattern pieces.  I will note that we will be making the dress with some modifications or extras.  So with that in mind, you might want to give the dress a whirl simply following the pattern instructions to get yourself comfortable with the pattern if you have never sewn a garment before.

I’ve also had questions about whether you can do this without a serger.  Absolutely you can!!  I’ll be directing you toward a site with tons of tutorials on seam finishes if you are interested.  But you can make this however you like.  The dress with not fall apart with cotton fabrics.  I promise.

So off to the stores with you!  We’ll probably start talking about Alice next week.  She’s our first dress.  If you have any ideas of your own for how to embellish the dress then grab those things too while you are at it. I hope that these dresses are an expression of love and creativity!

14 thoughts on “Simplicity Pattern for Sew Along”

  1. Shoot, I just picked up a handful of patterns at Joann yesterday and completely forgot about this one! Guess I'll be heading back. Darn another trip to the fabric store. 😉

  2. Bummer…I just came from looking at that exact pattern at Joann's and didn't buy it! I'm going back…so cute and with 5 grand daughters, I sure know lots of girls who would love it. Great idea for a sew along, btw!

  3. Oh my golly, my brain is so far fried! It just dawned on me that we are actually making the dresses to look like Alice or whatever Princess for that week! Oh man, I was excited at first, but now I'm REALLY excited!!! EEEPPPPP!! Can you hear me??!! Oh, I have tons of embellishment ideas- how much money can I sneak out of the budget without anyone noticing ;)?! So ready! Off to Joanns!

  4. You are never going to believe this, yesterday I was in Joann's and picked this pattern out for my granddaughter. They were out of it. Said a truck would come in that day but I couldn't fine anyone to check on it for me. So I wait. Hope to get it soon and on sale. ;^)

  5. I am so behind on my blogs, but glad I saw this. I have this pattern and have made the dress. It was a very easy sew. My first time using a pattern in years and I had no problems. I will find more info on the sew along and hope to participate. My oldest is getting bigger and most dressups don't fit well but she still loves to play with them.

  6. I have been meaning to make a bunch of these dresses for my mother-in-law so all the granddaughters have some fun dress up when they go to her house, and I've even had the fabric since last summer! I just needed this pattern to go on sale so I could start. I kept forgetting to go when it was on sale, but I finally picked it up this week and then a friend told me about this. Great minds think alike, huh? LOL! I'll definitely have to follow along and see what everyone does.

  7. Okay… I'm ready. The only regret that I have, is that it didn't also come in the smaller baby/toddler size. That would have been too awesome to have the granddaughters in matching dresses.

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