Simply Charming Tablecloth

Oh I didn’t realize that this was going up today! But I have a tablecloth pattern up over at Moda Bake Shop today.

This is a great pattern that only needs 2 charm packs and lets you dive into some fabrics and USE them! I used Liz Scott’s Domestic Bliss line plus a Bella solid and the new grey dottie backing.

simply charming table cloth

349 thoughts on “Simply Charming Tablecloth”

  1. My comment is over at the Bake Shop. I've always liked Chanel No. 5, just a tiny bit for a hint of scent–although I rarely wear any cologne or perfume these days. I avoid that aisle in dept. stores as I never know if a scent will trigger a headache. I enjoy natural lemon, mint and rosemary scents in other products that leave a subtle hint of scent.

  2. I like Pacfica Persian Rose. Pacfica products are light enough that I don't have any allergy problems using them. I tend to use body sprays because they are lighter as well.


  3. My husband loves it when I wear perfume 🙂 I use Romance by Ralph Lauren. It is so light and elegant! I can't stand heavy or too floral perfumes as they give me an instant headache. Oh, and in the fall/winter I wear the original Burberry Brit as it is just spicy enough!

  4. My favourite designer perfume (too expensive to buy at the moment cos I'm unemployed), is Angel by Thierry Mugler. I love the heady scent. Otherwise I use patchouli essential oil as a quick to go perfume.

  5. I left a comment on the Bake Shop though it wasn't easy as they STILL have word verification and they've changed it so it's even harder to read… anyway, enough of the ranting, I've had a very word-verificating morning…

    I love chance! I also love Ghost and I just bought CK Eternity Summer.

  6. Love your tablecloth, the perfect use of my new charm packs! I love nearly all of Jo Malone's perfumes, especially Vetyver, and fortunately for me my husband likes buying them too, so birthdays and Christmas are easy all round!

  7. Man it's been so long since I've worn perfume –I am generally allergic to it, which is unfortunate, especially since I live in Chicago and frequently spend my rides on the train trying to hold my breath so I won't have to inhale all the perfume everyone wears!

  8. I don't wear perfume… scented perfumes and lotions bother me (just on myself, not when I smell them on others, though.) But I have always liked the scent of Happy, which is made by Clinique. Or at least it was ten years ago. 🙂

    Oh, and the tablecloth is lovely! I have charm pack of Domestic Bliss waiting to become something, too!

  9. Tried to leave a comment, not sure it worked though… Love that fabric domestic bliss! Used to wear perfume earlier, but no I fid I am more sensitive to it. Too bad though!

  10. Well, I actually don't wear perfume. Not sure why, I just got out of the habit. I used to like Eternity, though. Hmm, maybe I should go try some again…

  11. My favorite perfume of all time cannot be gotten any longer, Piqué, I would save up money to buy it when I was in high school. Now I have been wearing Whiteshoulders, because I am an old-fashioned gal!

  12. I've left a comment on your recipe. I love the table cloth. I don't really have a favourite perfume. I do have some but never think to put it on! the bottle looks nice anyway.

  13. Everybody is kind of against perfume any more, it seems. Too bad, because I like it when it's subtle. I had an allergic reaction to Miracle, which my husband loves. I kept putting cortisone cream on it, but the rash spread and started to drive me INSANE over a weekend. I hustled in for an appointment at a dermatologist the following Monday morning. Turns out…I'm allergic to the cortisone cream!!!! I can laugh now about it.

  14. My favorite perfume is Gucci Rush or Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

    Funny story; a friend of mine was wearing "Red" and it smelled so great on her, I ran out a bought a bottle. I put it on and all night, all I could smell was b.o. It seems that on me, Red has the fragrance of body odor. I spent all that money to find out I could have easily just not showered for a few days and smelled the same.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  15. Just love the pattern (and idea) for this tablecloth…great choices. I don't have any favorite perfume as I can't wear any (at ALL) — allergies!

  16. I haven't worn perfume in years. I always said that when I turned 50 I would be "old enough" to wear Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. It's what my favorite Great aunt and my [Grand]Mama wore. I'm 52 and still don't feel grown up enough to start wearing it.