Sneak Peak

Phew!  I’m finished!  Each week I think that this competition cannot get any more stressful and yet each week it manages to.

Just a sneak peak of my finished product.  I’ll come back to tell you all about it but I’ve been working non stop ALL day to finish this.  Well all week really…  But for those of you who may be waiting to see my entry into the Sliced Competition Finals, here it is.

Meet the “Owl Tag Along” Toddler Backpack.

Secret Dreams

And I know I’m biased, but seriously….could my model BE any cuter?!

39 thoughts on “Sneak Peak”

  1. i like orange, too!

    I hope you win Angela! I know how you've said that making bags is a stretch for your comfort level but I think you did AMAZING!! Good job sister! VOTE ANGELA!!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am dying here!! This is sooooooo beyond cute and amazing and everything! To me, you win!!!! WOW- just so perfect! And I think your model may have a darling new pack too 🙂 Thanks for the peak- crossing fingers and everything for you again!

  3. This is so freakin' adorable! I just LOvE it! I love your model too. Her outfit was expertly chosen and her little piggy tails couldn't be more cute!

  4. That is THE cutest thing I've ever seen!!! The backpack isn't bad either! :o) Seriously, though, you did a GREAT job on that backpack!!! You've definitely got a winner there!!! 🙂

  5. That is precious and so clever! And your model is darling. What an interesting thing to make, you have such a great and creative mind. I'll have my fingers crossed for you, no matter what the judges think, you've got a WINNER there!
    PS, are these lovely things you have been making going to be turned into patterns for those of us who want to be copy cats? 🙂

    1. all of the four contestants work through out the competition will end up on Moda Bakeshop. There have already been a few up there…as people have been sliced, their work is being shown. So mine will go up at some point and I'd LOVE to see you make the backpack!!

  6. Wow – another fantastic project. I was dying to know what you would come up with, and this is just great. And it isn't just your bias, your model is even cuter than the backpack! Good luck.

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