So many pretty fabrics! So little time…

Well I some more new fabric in…it’s an obsession. But I must have beautiful fabrics especially when they’re great prices! They are all so fun and I actually have some plans for some of them. So there.

A beautiful rainbow array!

Gorgeous neutrals and some home dec fabric!

Fabrics that I really hope will help me finish my old row robin quilt…

And today I ordered some Tufted Tweets fabric!!!! Woohoo! I started with Hawthorne threads since they said they were coming out today and have this deal with descending prices for multiple purchases, yada yada yada… Well I checked the site about 4 times earlier today waiting for them to list them. No luck…not listed yet. So then I go back tonight, click on one of the fabrics and yeah! they are listed. Add to cart…next one, same thing. Then I move on to the purples that I’ve been obsessing over and they are already out of stock! Same with the red one that I wanted! So I sent them a bemoaning email and promptly went to another site to see if I could find them. And I did. A dollar more a yard, but cheaper shipping. So it all worked out. But I was completely annoyed that they were out immediately and with the number of times I checked today. Agh! But all’s well…because what really matters is that the fabric is on its way!!!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the planning stage…hence no quilting pictures. I’m in the process of laying out my paintbox quilt. I’m figuring out what to make for my partner for Modern Swappers and what to send. And I’m trying to figure out if I can pull off my idea for the doll quilt swap. The brain is whirling! But I think that I know what I want to do for all of it! And I’m glad that there is more time with some of these.

Oh and I decided to do another quilt along. It’s the asterisk quilt from the old red barn group on flickr. I’m planning on that one too. Oh goodness. I’ll get them all done, it’s just funny how much I have planned.

Oh yeah and I joined another bee (ducks head). I know! I’m nuts. But this one is all about Japanese fabric and that is soooo cool. I know I’ll love working with all those different imports. It doesn’t have a start date yet, so I’m safe for now…but I have a feeling life is going to get crazy come August when all my bees are in full swing!

Well…happy sewing to all. I’m certainly doing enough for 10 people!

10 thoughts on “So many pretty fabrics! So little time…”

  1. WOW Angela you sure are a busy buyer! Love it! I have quite a stash here at my house and I need to get busy creating too. That Japanese fabrics quilting bee sounds like fun — oooh tell me more – I have small stash of Japanese fabrics that I have had no idea what to do with yet…

  2. actually Kaelin started it on Flickr…you should join us!

    And my husband completely agrees that I am a busy buyer. I've been trying to only by half yards of fabrics, so I have a bit of it…but I can always buy more if I REALLY love it! LOL

  3. I don't want to rain on your parade or anything, but Hawthorne Threads did say in their blog they were getting more Tufted Tweets in today (the 9th). Also, sewdeerlyloved on etsy sells Tufted Tweets for $7.75/yd. Just so you know for the future. 🙂 I was doing the same thing checking them all day yesterday and I kept saying "WHAT THE HECK? Where are my Tufted Tweets?!?!?" Happy you found them!

  4. I ordered my Tufted Tweets too 🙂 Can't wait to get some in, they look great online!
    The Japanese bee sounds awesome! I love that fabric but still too much of a newbie to have any in my stash. Someday 😉

  5. Love the fabrics in your third photo. Could you tell me what line?
    So fun collecting up wonderful fabrics and dreaming about what you'll use them for one day, isn't it?

  6. The fabric in the third photo is from Windham – Darcey.

    And thanks for the info on Tufted Tweets. I know I could have searched around more, but I'm actually in a bee with Kathy the owner of Pink Chalk Fabrics, so I don't mind supporting her.

    Can't wait to get it all in though!

  7. they did respond to me at Hawthorne Fabrics…they really are quite sweet over there and said that the fabric sold like they couldn't believe. Their emails said that they had bolts coming in the next day, but if you look at their actual site it looks like they won't get it in again until July. So I say find it where you can!

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