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There’s never enough fabric. Never enough sewing. And there are never enough groups on Flickr! 🙂 So I’ve added to the chaos a bit and started a new group devoted to all things Flying Geese Blocks. After making the blocks for Tacha for Bee Modern and searching through flickr for inspiration, I realized that there was a lot but it was quite scattered. So after I made the blocks, I thought others might appreciate seeing them all in one place. And it gave me a place to list all the tutorials that I had found especially helpful on the internet in how to make flying geese and different patterns for them. So come join the group and check it out! You can feel free to add any kind of flying geese block that you’ve made to our pool. I think that it will be a great resource for the future! You can find it at Just look for the little geese icon!

I’ve also recently joined a new group called Modern Swappers.  We will be swapping fabric, something handmade and I believe some other items that the person would enjoy. Details are a little sketchy, but it sounds like fun.

I’m trying to sign up for the Doll Quilt swap, but people are pretty anxious over there about sign ups….it feels like it could be really hard to get in to. So we’ll see if I can do that.

And I plan on joining the 3 x 6 Bee as well for the 3rd and 4th quarters….just didn’t see it earlier!

What, you say? You’re crazy, you say? You’re already involved in so many Bees…and you’re trying to do some quilt alongs… Well the one benefit of these new swaps is that they are all quite long span in the amount of time you have to put everything together. About three months of time for all of them. So…hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with everything. I still have yet to have anything overlap other than my own projects. So we’re seeing how far I can stretch before I’m swapped out!

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  1. oh good…people are so stressed over there and it seems like you really need to be on the ball! They're making me stressed out and I haven't even joined yet! LOL.

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