Sometimes it’s all about circles

We recently made the decision to move back home to South Bend, IN.  We are currently living in New Orleans and moved here after Katrina to help rebuild.  But the time has come for us to return back to the midwest and cooler weather, to snowstorms instead of hurricanes.
After a very brief stint trying to sell our house for sale by owner, we talked to a real estate friend of my husband’s and determined that the most efficient way to sell our house here would be to list it with an agent.  So we did…and within 48 hours we had 4 showings, 3 families in love with the house, 2 offers and ultimately a verbal agreement for the sale.  Let’s just say that it has been a crazy weekend!
Sometimes it's all about circles
So we’ll be leaving the Crescent City and returning to the home of Notre Dame in 4(!) weeks.  That’s just slightly overwhelming but exciting.  I’m going to keep trying to sew as long as possible, but I can’t make huge guarantees at this point; especially as we near the move date.  I’d like to get the quilt along going before I leave so you all don’t forget me when I inevitably will need to take some days off from sewing and blogging.  It’s getting there…I promise.  Sometimes I’m full of promises. 😉
I’m working on a handbag for a swap currently and will zip out my bee blocks soon so that I can move onto other things.  I want to make sure I get to use the long arm quilting machine here for three or four quilts before I leave.  I hope that’s not being too optimistic. 😉

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  1. Wow, how exciting! I wouldn't be sad about leaving the heat and hurricanes, either. But 4 weeks – whoa! I highly recommend spending the money to have a moving company pack you up as well. We were able to live normally literally until the day before our move. Well worth the money!

  2. Oh, and I am so happy for you, but so sad at the same time! What a blessing to have such interest in your home when the market is so tough 🙂 If I don't see you before you leave, we'll meet again in Salt Lake City. I think our room should be the party room 😉

  3. Hope your move goes well! We lived in South Bend for a year. You want to go back?! haha…just kidding! I did love the seasons (just not the long winter) and met some really love people when we lived there.

  4. Thank you so much Angela, I still can't believe I won :O

    Congrats on the sale and the move. We left south LA. 4 yrs ago now and I must say we do not miss it, family yes but LA no. So I don't blame you 🙂

  5. Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts

    Wow! Good luck with the move. So happy you were able to sell your house so quickly. 🙂 Looking forward to showcasing your amazing talent this week!

  6. that's amazing news about the interest in your house! hope you get a signed contract ASAP. congrats on the upcoming move, though i can't imagine leaving the south for somewhere else with long winters!

  7. That is just wonderful news!! So thrilled to hear you get to move "home" again 🙂 We will all be waiting and sending our best wishes and we'll be right here as soon as you get a chance to check in 🙂

  8. With so many other priorities, one should never feel pressured to sew or blog, surely they are for pleasure….If you have a chance, great. But you will be busy…. Great to have the house sold and start moving on to the next season.

  9. Congrats on the sale! I read your blog all the time and live here in South Bend (actually now in Granger). You'll have to pop into Erica's when you move here. My favorite LQS!

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