Stacked Coins

Well, the first of four(!) soon-to-be-completed quilts are bound, washed, and ready to head to their new little owner. Remember how I spent all that time right before I moved using the long arm quilting machine? Well, here is the baby quilt that I quilted on that oh so disastrous morning. I love how washing a quilt and letting it crinkle up makes everything seem okay. 😉

This stacked coin quilt was started at least 2 years ago…maybe three now. Who can keep track? I know at the time, stacked coins were UBER popular which is why I started one. 😉 And I also know that I used almost all of my scraps in blue and green at the time for this quilt. Which really is the most funny part about this whole thing. I could probably make 15 of these quilts right now from my blues and greens alone (although they are the scraps I have the most of). I know that I bought that solid brown at a local quilt store in New Orleans that was never able to really reopen after Katrina. So I bought the whole bolt of it! Which again is funny to me because I hardly ever buy brown now. But it’s all super cute together.

Stacked Coins

I used a simple meander stitch and as I mentioned above, I used a long arm machine. I KNOW I didn’t save any time on this particular quilt but I really should have…so let’s pretend that I did. 😉 I had grand schemes at different times of adding applique or doing intricate quilting, but I think the reason that I kept putting off finishing this top is that I really knew that less is more with this little quilt. The light green thread is enough interest on the solid brown and I think that this will be perfect for a little newborn boy my good friend just had.

Stacked Coins

There is a light green striped home dec fabric on the back of the quilt…which I love to do for baby quilts because you can buy a yard and a half of 54″ fabric and not have to seam anything for the back. And it’s durable for throwing on the floor…as all good baby quilts end up there. Let’s be honest. They’re not in the beds, so they may as well be on the floor! The binding is the fabric I showed the other day, from penny lane by riley blake. I purchased it on my first day in South Bend and I used it for my first quilting project here as well. Yay me for using my fabric within days of purchase. That so rarely happens these days.

Stacked Coins

And just because I know you’ve been missing some shots of the little miss, here she is being not so cooperative for the camera. But still looking super cute in her outfit from Kaelin! She turned 18 months a couple of days ago!!

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  1. The best part about that solid brown? It looks like charcoal in the pictures, Ha! You know me and evil brown. It is a perfect baby quilt and I think for your first major long-arm effort, your quilting is pretty darned good. Is there a shop near you in your 'new' town that offers a longarm for rent so you can go again?

  2. I was crushed when my DD told me that there would be no quilts in the crib and that is the way it is now. That news almost made my give up making quilts as baby gifts. So, I decided that it is okay to make quilts for tummy time knowing, as you stated, that the quilt will spend a great deal of time on the floor.

  3. OMG!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! The wee pigtails…and that outfit is so precious on her! Aren't you glad I'm around to spoil your child? It would have been a crime for her not to have that dress 🙂

    Can't wait to see the other quilts you've finished! *heart* Kaelin

  4. I am not big brown fan especially – it's probably one of the smallest stacks in my "fabric shoppe" room – but it looks terrific with your stacked coins! Yay you for finishing & lucky boy that will be receiving this one!!
    Great job!!! 😀

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