Well, I’m finally getting you the pattern I promised. For my bee do. Good Stitches, Rachel asked us to make wonky star blocks with reds, pinks, and white. I’ll admit that I made one large wonky star block because I’m super busy. But I think I made up for it with the number of stars in my second block. LOL. One night I sewed 203 pieces of fabric together and not one of them was larger than 1.5″…and I didn’t even finish the block!

But first, the two blocks!


I think that they are pretty and I can’t wait to see all the blocks that Rachel gets and how she puts them together! Hopefully, she’ll make these look like they belong in the same quilt. 😉

You’ve probably seen a similar block to my ring of stars around. And I’ll be the first to admit that I was deeply inspired by Zonnah’s block here. In fact, I even intended to just make her block originally. But then I realized that her design is for a 10″ block and I needed to make a 12″ block. Since I was going to have to change the pattern to suit my block size, I took the opportunity to do my own design based on the original concept of a ring of wonky stars.


My version, because it is slightly larger, allows you to make the eight wonky nine patches individually and then connect them together. I like this method as I mentioned before because there are soooo many little pieces and this helped my brain tackle just a portion of the block at a time without getting hopelessly confused. (mom with a one-year-old…what can I say? the brain just isn’t all there)


This block is not for the faint of heart, but it’s very satisfying to accomplish something this intricate. If you enjoy miniature sewing at all, then this block will be right up your alley. Otherwise, you might just want to add it to a gallery of inspirations in a swap with hopes that someone else will make it for you. 😉 I know that Emily made a version of Zonnah’s original for the Pillow Talk Swap! I have even more appreciation for that pillow now! Hat’s off to Emily!


I’ve created the pattern and made it available as a PDF (as so many of you requested for a quilt pattern for the quilt along). You can find it permanently in my sidebar.  I don’t include directions on how to make a wonky star nine patch, but I do include resources for directions on that.  I in NO way created the wonky star.  lol.  So I’m not going to write the tutorial.  😉

So print away and start creating!  Don’t forget to add your creations to my Flickr group. I’d love to see anything you are making. Please see the pattern for copyright issues, but the basics are to play nice. This pattern is for personal use only. Don’t make me send the flying monkeys after you! 😉

Oh and enjoy this next picture, as it was the last one taken with the stump! I’ll share more on that later. LOL.


21 thoughts on “Stars!”

  1. Awesome blocks! I'm gathering ideas and inspiration for a big wonky star quilt (baby size)… lol. I'm adding your blocks to my inspiration –I really like the light pink background! I've gotten a little stuck in tiny sewing for a while. Thanks for the link to my pillow – I had a ton of fun making it.

  2. I'm in a bee and have got the girls doing wonky stars for me. I've posted a link to this post, maybe one of them will be adventurous! Otherwise I will make one myself!
    Thanks for being generous with your hard work!

  3. Tammara, Jess and Cory

    I love the block with the ring of stars how cute and adorable is that. It is alot of work and I am sure will be beautiful in any quilt.

  4. I tried the circle of stars– I wanted to do it for the 3×6 bee. But after 1.5 hours into making one for myself, and realizing that I only cut out enough for 7 stars instead of 8, I gave up and went with something similar, but a lot more simple (squares in the same circular pattern).
    Kudos to you for getting it done!

  5. Angela! I can't tell you how much I love this block. It doesn't look like something for faint of heart but it's definitely on my wish list of things to try. I love wonky stars but this takes the cake!

  6. No flying monkeys required here. lol AWESOME block. seriously. Can't wait to whip one of these bad boys up…but I have a feeling they'll be like potato chips, can't have just one! =)

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