Start thinking! A Zig and A Zag Quilt Along

I’m just putting a teaser out there of the quilt that I’m planning on for my quilt along.  I don’t have it finished yet, but then I remembered that I’m supposed to quilt ALONG with you.  AKA  I don’t need to finish it before the rest of you get started.  Trust me, it will all work out. 😉

Are you ready?  I hope that you like it!

This is obviously a mock up of what the quilt will look like and not actual fabric.  But you get the idea.  It’s a zig zag design with a double stripe per color and two tones per color.  The quilt along will be for this size (a twin) and in the rainbow configuration, but I don’t want you to be limited by either of those things.  So I also have a few ideas for other ways to use the pattern.

For those who need a smaller project, this is a baby size (45 x 60).

Sick to the death of rainbows or never liked them to begin with?  Maybe you would like something like this.

Have never understood why anyone would use white as a background for a quilt because it can be so impractical?  Well, how about this modern option!

So I hope that you are all as excited as I am!  I think that this will be a great quilt for a lot of different skill levels and fabric loves.  Hopefully, there is something for everyone.  I’ll give you details later on fabric amounts and construction.  But you can start dreaming about fabrics you might want to use.  For those who are worried about choosing the right colors for the rainbow, I’ll be teaming up with one of my sponsors for a fabric bundle that I’ve chosen to work well with this design.

So start thinking!  A Zig and A Zag will be starting soon!

36 thoughts on “Start thinking! A Zig and A Zag Quilt Along”

  1. Uh oh, this looks like fun! I really shouldn't start any new projects. Maybe if I make a scrappy version? I'm always trying to clear some room in my scrap drawer.

  2. Ouuuu, goody goody goody! I am so excited to be doing some quilt alongs to improve my skill and get my "need to learn" list decreasing 🙂 hehe! So love the double zip zag- very fun!

    My "outside the box" brain is just churning with color ideas 🙂 Yipee!

  3. Ooh, i like it! If I'm able to play along, I'll probably do something combining rainbow and your purple modern option. Hopefully I'll have the quilt I'm currently working on pieced and the quilting begun so I can start something new, but even if I can't I'll just be That Guy starting the quilt-a-long quilt six months after the quilt-a-long is over 😉

  4. I think I might just have to QA with you. I think this quilt would make a nice gift for my son. He'd like it to be simple and clean, maybe navy and white? It's such a classic combination. . .

  5. I like this design for zig-zag… not really a zig-zag fan in general usually, but I think this will look great… can't wait to see them! 🙂

  6. This is great! I have been trying to figure out which way I wanted to do a set of zigzag quilts for a friend having twins! You are the answer to my prayers

  7. I haven't had time to participate in any quilt- or sew-a-longs until this summer. I may just have to jump in with this one.

  8. I'm keen – and thinking of doing a graded colour version (aka a Kona bundle) – do you think one would be enough for the larger size?

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