Starting up Busy Bees

I got a group of fabulous quilters together for a new bee, Busy Bees. It took some sweet talking, but I’m so excited to work with all of these women. We’re starting in June, so I sent out the packages today as I have the first month. After some deliberation and quivers, I finally decided on having all of them make a block in some way relating to triangles. We’re using the fabulous Katie Jump Rope Fabric and Kona in Khaki. I’m so excited to see what they all come up with. I have a vision for this quilt, but it all depends on what kind of blocks I get! I had to accumulate quite the stash for the quilt.

I didn’t get every single fabric, but I do have quite a few of them. I sent everyone a slightly different collection to play with, but everyone got bits of the super popular harder to find fabrics. I’m working hard at not hording my fabrics and letting myself become so attached that I don’t use them. They are beautiful all folded up and color coded…but they should really be put to good use!

I was inspired by some others out there in blog world to add signature blocks to my quilt. But since I’m not the only one making this quilt, I sent a block for each member to sign and send back. That way I can have a record of who actually work on each quilt. I’m definitely going to be doing this for all of bee quilts from now on.

And I’ve kept the group Bee Modern going by starting Bee Modern Too

Unfortunately along the way with Bee Modern we’ve lost a number of people from the group…just dropped off the face of the earth. It’s a little annoying but the rest of us are trying to rally to make sure that the final people to go get enough blocks. So we’re all making at least two blocks.

Only a handful of us are continuing on to Bee Modern Too, so we’re in the process of recruiting new members to join. We’ll be starting in August, so drop me a line if you are interested in joining and I’ll run it past the group.

I’m still planning that tutorial on a nine patch with swirled seams…I have all the photos taken, I just haven’t had time to sit and write it all out. But it’s on the short list! And I have some smaller projects in the works…along with that paint box quilt. I needed to clean my floors before I started to lay it out! LOL. But progress is being made and I hope to lay it out this weekend! Lots of goals and we’ll see how much gets done. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Starting up Busy Bees”

  1. First of all, I'm jealous that you're making a Paintbox quilt (from Oh, Fransson!, right?). Next, I've never done a bee and I'm interested, so please tell me about your next group, if you're interested. Last, I love that fun fabric you're doing for the triangles quilt. Love, love!

  2. so funny…I looked at your blog and quilt and already had sent you an invite to our next bee before even seeing this! So glad that you would like to do one…they really are fun.

  3. Hi. I just stumbled today upon your blog and thought about this bee the whole day. I am quite tempted to give it a try since I have often to many ideas for blocks / tops and not enough time for making a whole quilt. This way, I could try a lot of new things 🙂 So if you all would like, I would happily join the bee.

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