stringy stars and mario walls

Goodness! This week seemed to get away from me. It’s been week two of horrible colds (finally got Caitlyn on an antibiotic just to help clear up anything lingering…any tips on getting her to blow her nose? lol) and week two of a complete roof redo. They just may be finished with the roof today…certainly all of the big stuff. And hopefully the three of all will all be feeling 100% soon.

And I have been sewing, but it seems like I had some projects that just took some time. I know I said I was going to start that Fire Flower block for the Mario QAL but I’ll confess: I haven’t yet. I am all caught up though with the other blocks and they are looking pretty darn fun together.

stringy stars and mario walls

Then I spent a few days (yes days) working on one bee block. Corey picked out a beautiful but admittedly time consuming string star block. She’s got the directions for it on her blog if you are feeling like tackling it.

stringy stars and mario walls

Yep. That’s an eight pointed, 1″ scrappy string star. And I really hope I got the color scheme right. It’s a very Corey color scheme…she always picks such soft pretty palettes. A tough block that is best tackled one piece at a time (such sage advice you can get here!). But the hardest blocks always seem to be the most rewarding. I’m still in the admiring stage…so it’s hanging on my shelf right where I put it for this picture.

stringy stars and mario walls

But hey, I’m done with my bee block for September. Woohoo for being on time! Even early. Now to decide what of my MANY projects to attack next. Quilts to be quilted..blocks to be designed…my bookcase to be organized…my CLOSET to be organized.

I’ll stop now before I get overwhelmed. Ha!

10 thoughts on “stringy stars and mario walls”

  1. Nose blowing tips.Push one side of her nose closed while having her blow. It helped my kids get the concept. Of course do this after showing her how the air comes out of your nose. It's a tricky one for them to learn, but they like it better than the dreaded snot sucker!

  2. love the mario blocks! and LOVE the star block, great for a scrappy project?
    I'm also admiring your fabric organization in the background, what do you use to hold up the fabrics? and what about FQs and scraps etc?

  3. I have one kid that took eleven years until she would blow her nose. The other one decided that since her sister was stubborn about it, she would just do it. Love the star block by the way!

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