Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along – Luigi Block

This is part of an ongoing series of posts for The Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along I’m hosting here on my blog. You can join in at any time! You will find the links to all steps here. Please share your makes on Instagram with #supermariobrosquilt. Also please feel free to join the Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along Flickr Group. This post reviews the Turtle Shell block, which you can find in the free quilt guide that you can download here.

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β™ͺdo do da do. Da do da do…do do da do do do da do do doβ™ͺ

Ready? It’s Luigi time!

I’m partially through my block and you can see my progress…I opted to finish up that new quilt for Caitlyn (and yes it is done! pictures soon!) so I got a little behind on my schedule. But given that Luigi and Mario are the same except for the shirt and hat color, you will all get the point. πŸ˜‰ Although I need to check and see if I used the right green fabric. I think my instagramed photo might be throwing me off a bit here.


Mario QAL Luigi

And can I just say that I love the Flickr group and all the creativity over there. I jump up and down each time I see a new block pop up! (I’m channeling my inner Luigi…I always liked Luigi better because of the green…yes, I’m totally shallow like that)

Stephanie already finished her Mario AND Luigi blocks and she rather geniusly flipped Luigi to face the opposite direction as Mario. Love that.

Mario QAL Luigi

Mario QAL Luigi

I know that some people are talking about making one of the fellas a jumping version of himself as well for more variety. I love that idea too!

Be sure to add your creations to the flickr group so we can all see how we are doing!


88 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along – Luigi Block”

  1. Awww, yep I smiled! I like seeing finished quilts either photographed with cats (borrow em if you need to!) or in use somewhere, on a bed, folded on a sofa, wrapped around somebody. Sometimes I can settle for it hanging over something cool, but I am never sure it's really done until something is "happening" to it!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway too, I've been curious about that product since you talked about it for the first block!

  2. I like an interesting place for a quilt to be photographed, somewhere you wouldn't expect to find it like playground equipment or old barn. And I like seeing both a full shot and interesting close up. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm not sure there's a bad way to see a quilt, though I think I prefer the shots that don't have people in them. The odd feline is fine and I've even seen rabbits, but the setting and the draping are usually what grabs me. Mind you, I have to take all of mine in boring old "have someone hold it in the backyard" mode just due to my current lighting limitations. Thanks!

  4. I both smiled and shuddered at the cat-on-a-quilt…we have 3, one of which sheds twice her weight in fur every year.
    My favorite is seeing a full quilt, hung, preferably outdoors. (Those shots of quilts tacked to barn doors or stretched along privacy fences? Totally love 'em.) The natural light can't be beat.

  5. Ergh- definitely not the cat on the quilt… But I like seeing multiple shots of the quilt, because you can't appreciate the full quilt without a full shot, and you can't appreciate the details without a closeup.

  6. Hi from Italy,
    actually I like to see a quilt in a full shot for undestanding how it the block composition, the colors and so on, but I'm totally in love with that fancy shot in which the quilt is draped on a chair or a sofa. When I try to take this pictures, mine always gets like it was a mistaken shot!!!
    By the way, on my way with Mario Block….let's hope it comes out well!!!

  7. Pet peeve…..I like to see a full shot of whatever we are making before some launches into a tutorial. I hate having to scroll to the bottom of the post to see what I'm supposed to make. Whew. Now that I have that off my chest….I appreciate an artistic shot of a quilt provided it shows off a significant portion of the design and that a full shot of the quilt without people or props is provided somewhere.

  8. I like to see the whole quilt preferrably in an outdoor setting. Some of the pictures by old barns or fences or stone walls are really beautiful. I also like to see a close up of the blocks so you can sort of see the pattern and the quilting.

  9. your mario bros. are coming together nicely.
    I like seeing animals and children using the quilts and also creative ways of showing it off. Such as an ocean quilt on the rocks near the ocean, etc.
    I like seeing the close up finished quilting. And the different fabrics used.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  10. My favourite quilt pictures are the ones with the feet sticking out the bottom. Where another poor husband has been roped into holding up the quilt so that it can be photographed in all its glory.
    Then I like photos of the quilts on beds and being used.

  11. I like to see the entire quilt–no folder sections with something in the photo to give an idea of the dimensions of the quilt.

  12. I too like to see the whole quilt, hanging, holding, on the bed, I don't care but I love to see how everything comes together. Then I like to see closeups of the quilting. Thanks for asking and thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I like to see a variety of photos. Whole quilt with nothing else in it is a must, but I like close ups and animals too.

  14. I usually try to take whole shots of mine lying in the grass or held up outside. For smaller quilts, I've been known to hang them from a tree branch for a photo op as well:). Thanks for all your work on the QAL! I just got the rest of my fabrics so I plan to start this weekend using fusible grid interfacing…

  15. I like seeing quilts in use or in interesting settings. I always seem to photograph mine outside, draped over logs and rocks such. πŸ˜‰ When you live in the Pacific Northwest, there is always a helpful log available to use as a prop!

  16. I love to see a closeup shot to show me the quilting and a picture of the whole quilt. (Though I would never so no to seeing the whole quilt with a cute little kitty laying on it looking at you saying "thank you mommy for making me another one"

  17. I love to see the whole quilt the most, but close ups and a view of the back are good too. Really, getting shots of the various parts of the quilt, both large and small, are good.

  18. I also like seeing quilts with babies on them. I really like to see a hanging quilt, flapping in the breeze a little. It just gives it more movement.

  19. I'm all about the full frontal! I also appreciate at least one closeup of the quilting stitches. What I *don't* like are instagram photos or ones with those "antiquing" effects that result in a dark photo that's hard to make out.