Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along Sneak Peak

So I think we have enough interest to do the quilt along! I hope you all are as excited as me. I’m still ironing out some details with fabrics and techniques but it is all coming together.

But I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the quilt.
Yes. It is the Super Mario Brothers.
Yes. It is a pixel style quilt with small squares.
Yes. I’m going to make this fun and doable! I PROMISE!
Yes. This is a sampler style that is perfect for a quilt along.


Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along

A huge shout out to my friend Tracey for her help with putting this pretty layout of my quilt design into this image!

Okay, I hope you all like it! I’m planning on making this a healthy twin size quilt so that you can make it for actual beds. I think it will be AWESOME!

Remember the beauty of this quilt is that we will make one block at a time. So this is totally doable. And if you hate one block, you can substitute another. Or if you just have time for one block, they make great pillows!

I also just wanted to show you a version with a grey sashing as well just to see another slightly different option.

Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along

I’ll have fabric amounts for you soon!

The plan will be to do one block a week…so a steady pace but not overwhelming. If you start it now you might actually have this done in time for Christmas. Let’s think ahead and motivate ourselves with a holiday!

44 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along Sneak Peak”

  1. Cannot wait!! I have had these in my graph paper sketch pad forever and just haven't put them together…may have to add a Princess Peach block, just for fun :o)

  2. So awesome!!! I am going to make this for sure, then just have to decide who to give it to – DH or SIL. Probably my husband so I can still see it all the time! It'll be a nice upgrade for our "couch blankets" in the basement.

  3. I'm super excited! Looks awesome! I like that you can adjust it to your own time and what you want to accomplish! I don't think I'll make the whole thing, but I will definitely have fun quilting along with most of them!! Thanks again!!!

  4. Oooh well I can't put the button on my blog or my best friend will know what I'm up to! He will absolutely love this, guaranteed…he just showed me a footstool tutorial for that a Mario Piranha Plant Ottoman made out of a bucket yesterday that he is excited about making..sigh!

  5. The button is SO cute! Good work!
    and thank you for my shout out.
    The quilt's going to be SO cute… it almost makes me want to make one. 🙂

    (Could you pixelate star wars legos for me in your "free" time? I wouldn't be able to resist that one)

  6. I'm so doing this QAL. It will be my first! I fell in love from the first time you said Mario quilt and when I showed my hubby this design, he told me I had to make it! 🙂

  7. It sounds great, and looks great! But my first thought was that Luigi and Mario are not actually the same height….. oh well, anyone who complains just can't use the quilt! 😀

  8. YAY!!! My husband is going to love this quilt! I started drafting a pattern to make one a while ago, but it'll be so much more fun to do it with a group!!

  9. I wanted to thank you hands down for coming up with this quilt along. It will actually be the first one I will be doing. I am excited about this one because I have been pondering of what quilt to design or make for my step son.

  10. holy crap! I just found this QAL from another blog. I'm totally in. I"ve been thinking about a Mario quilt for a while, but haven't planned it out. I'm beyond excited!

  11. Yay I'm in! This will be the perfect Christmas present for my nephew since I was already planning to make him a quilt. Looking forward to it, thanks for putting this together!