Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along – Materials List

This is part of an ongoing series of posts for The Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along I’m hosting here on my blog. You can join in at any time! You will find the links to all steps here. Please share your makes on Instagram with #supermariobrosquilt. Also please feel free to join the Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along Flickr Group. This post reviews the materials list, which you can find in the free quilt guide that you can download here.

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Well given the number of people who are already playing along in the Flickr Group, I think we are ready to get this Mario Party started! So put down the game controllers and pick up some fabric.

My design calls for a quilt made entirely of solid colored fabrics. I’ve chosen to use Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids for my quilt. They really have such a lovely hand for solid fabrics and I’m excited to work with them. In my quilt guide PDF, I provide all the fabric colors you need, with suggestions of 4 different fabric company’s solids lines.

Mario QAL materials

But of course, you are welcome to use any fabrics you would like.

As you can see, there are a lot of different colors in the quilt. So that means that you need a bunch of different fabrics if you are planning on doing the whole quilt. Some colors you will just need a bit of, but others require some yardage. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But there will be a little something unusual later in the materials list. I’ve got you interested now don’t I?

Mario QAL materials

Now, on for the unusual part of this materials list.  You all knew we would be using fabric obviously, but you may not have guessed that we would also be using a stabilizer.

I’ve done a bunch of research for this and the method I will be using involves an adhesive stabilizer that dissolves with water when you no longer need it.  I’ll go into more detail with block instruction particulars in future posts.  But for now, I am also recommending that you purchase Pellon’s Stick-N-Washaway #542.  Trust me.  It’s going to be fun.

If you are making the whole quilt, you will need (eep!) 12 yards.

Mario QAL materials

Now my disclaimer is that this product is a bit pricey.  You can absolutely make the quilt without this but it will be A LOT more tedious because we are working entirely with 1 1/2″ square pieces.  But I realize that the cost of this product may be off putting.  Another less pricey option is a fusible grid stabilizer.  The only reason I didn’t choose a product like this is because I wanted to lose the stabilizer once I have sewn my block together.  But you can definitely keep it in…it will just make your quilt a bit more stiff.  So that is a personal choice you will each have to make. You will only need 9 yards of this product because it is wider.

*eta: it looks like Sulky also has a new product out there that is similar to the Pellon Stick-n-Wash.  I’m sharing the product so that you can get that if you find it on sale. 😉  You would also need 12 yards of this product and it is priced comparably with the Pellon Stick-n-Wash.* 

Share your alternative options in the Flickr Group!  This is going to be fun!

25 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers Quilt Along – Materials List”

  1. I might start out with a couple squares for a throw pillow. This quilt looks so fun. Joanns will have stabilizer half off over the fourth, not sure of exact dates.

  2. I'm so excited to start this quilt – it's for my son for Christmas. I have a question – when you need a FQ can you use a 1/4 yard of the fabric instead? Thanks so much for the quilt along!

    1. Denise thank you for asking that. You can indeed use a 1/4 of fabric instead of the fat quarter. In fact that is how I originally calculated it but I know that many people buy fat quarters so I converted the amounts to that.

  3. The stabilizer will be a great purchase to use a Joann's 50% coupon on. I'm going to keep an eye out, since they're offered pretty regularly.

  4. Yes Jennifer, this is similar to a paper piecing project! To paper piece would probably not be a very efficient way to make these blocks, but it would definitely work. The advantage of the fusible backing is that you can place all of the pieces in place before you start sewing.

    But anywho, I'll get to that soon…! The blocks will be 18" square finished.

  5. I've never ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop before – is there a way to just order fat quarters of the couture cottons from them or is there a half yard minimum?

  6. I asked Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop and she said this:
    "We could sell straight quarters (9” x 44”) on the phone. But ½ yard is minimum online and fat quarters individually we do not cut"

    For the record, purchasing a straight quarter would work perfectly for this quilt as well. I hope this helps!

  7. So you can't buy 1/4 yard of that fabric at the fat quarter. I would really love to use that fabric but don't have the money to drop buying 1/4 yard extra of all of those. Could they make up a bundle for those of us who want to buy or should I just go to my LQS?

    1. Yay! Kimberly is going to do a bundle for the fat quarter fabrics needed. So that will mean ordering all of the fat quarters from her at once, but at least you can get them in a fat quarter set!

  8. I can't seem to get the coupon code to work and I only have the items needed for the project in my cart. Can anyone help me out with this?

  9. Hi from Italy, it's the first time I sign up for a Quilt Along, but the theme has conquered me, I'm planning to give this quilt has a present for my Brother in law I thing for Christmas. I just ordered the fabric from FQS but for the stabilizer I will use the normal viseline, the thinnest one. It's quite difficult to buy Pellon Products here in Italy, and they are really really overpriced!!! Now I must wait at least 3-4 weeks to have my bundle of fabrics. Don't start without me, please!!!! Thank you Angela for the opportunity!!!!

  10. I've just bought fabric (via FQS – now to wait for it to arrive…) but I'm going to have to live without the wash-away stuff because OMG I'm so not willing to pay for that much of it! (I know it'll be more annoying to make, but I'll do my best not to whine ;D And I might sew the background in strips and then quilt it in a grid so it doesn't lose too much of the pixellated look.)

  11. Hey Angela….
    Is the Mario block the first block you've started with…I can't seem to find any previous ones…if not where can I find them & their technique…thanks Carol

  12. This is so cool! I just showed it to my kids who are huge Mario fans and they love this! I think I am going to start with Mario and turn him into a pillow!

  13. I'm a little late to the party for this QAL, but was wondering if you knew where to find the stabilizer? I've called both my local Joann's and Hancocks and neither carry it. I've not had much luck searching online.

  14. Would this quilt work out well if I enlarged the size of the squares to say a 2.5-3.5 inch? I'm fairly new to quilting and still trying to figure this stuff out! My son would absolutely LOVE this!

    1. Hi Holly! It would be perfectly fine to enlarge the block size, but if you do that you may want to eliminate some characters. The quilt is a very healthy size with the smaller blocks…so making the blocks larger simply makes the quilt larger. It's up to you whether you are okay with a larger quilt or whether you want to keep it smaller by eliminating some blocks

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