Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping…

Well in my efforts to both organize my stash and to get my fabric fix (sounds like an addict to me!), I’ve been a swapping maniac lately. No sooner than I started putting together pics for an ISO (In Search Of) list of fabrics that I would like, I was inundated with offers to swap! I couldn’t keep up with them all. So then of course I needed to start pulling together swappable fabrics from my stash. I have a fair amount that I’m willing to swap and it’s been very interesting to find out what different people are drawn to. I’m always amazed when a fabric that I can hardly stand or just doesn’t do anything for me is exactly what someone else has been searching for! It’s great! It’s not always super cheap to swap because shipping charges can add up, but I like knowing that two people are now happier with the personal fabric in their collection.

Here is the pile of mail that I took to the post office yesterday. Only two small envelopes were for bees and not swaps! And I have more going…but I’m only going to make that trip to the post office with the girlie every so often. No daily trips for me!

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

And this doesn’t even show the swaps that I sent out last week!

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

I received a lovely swap package from Sylvia, but I don’t think I took a photo of all the yumminess. But that’s okay because it would just make you all drool. lol. But I did receive a fabulous little swap all the way from Germany today. Oh, these fabrics make me happy!

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

In addition to making it to the post office yesterday, I also took my first trip my local comic book store to buy more boards for fabric organizing…yes, 200 was not nearly enough. You’d be surprised at how quickly you go through those! Anyway, I was lucky enough to pop in there the very morning that the product I was looking to buy was available in two slightly damaged packages (like many 10 sheets that are not perfect between the 200!) and the guy had just been given permission to sell the two for the price of one! Score! I jumped on that deal. What do I care if I’m missing a few boards?

I also got some more sewing time in last night (although I once again ignored the clock until I was finished with what I wanted to accomplish…and I have an uncanny ability to finish at 2:00 am!). I’m happy to say that I sewed together all of the blocks for the Pink Quilt!

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

I still need to add a border around the whole top, but everything you see there is totally sewn together! Woohoo!

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

Lots of work, and thankfully some help from the members of the Pretty in Pink Bee who made the quarter log cabin blocks for me.

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

Every single fabric used in this quilt is one that I have had in my stash for quite a while. And I’m determined to keep it that way. So I’ll be searching through my stash for the border print and piecing together the back…and the binding is going to be made from leftover strips send back from my bee members. There is a vision!

Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping

But I need help coming up with a name for this pinky pink quilt. Any suggestions? My brain is a little fried from the late-night sewing. lol. Help!

17 thoughts on “Swapping and Sewing and Thinking and Praying, Wishing and Hoping…”

  1. It's beautiful! I never would be daring enough to put those fabrics together but they've come together perfectly! I love the look! May I suggest for the name: "Come Together"? Kind of lame, but it popped into my head thinking of fabric sitting in different bins, or however you stash your stash, and they come together and meet in one place.

  2. Wow, gorgeous quilt top! I think I might try a trip to the comic book store myself today for some boards – my Kona solids stash has officially outgrown its Tupperware, and a lot of it is yardage, so a mini-bolt would probably be a good idea. I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. OMG this quilt is such a gourgeous one!(have already told you ;), but I mean it, I'm soooo in love with it.
    The fabric, layout and combination speak to me….would suggest *More than pink*, cos lots of feelings & thoughts come all mixed up when looking at it.
    it's absolutely lovely! xoxo

  4. It´s great looking quilt top!
    Was the quilt for your nice? I have something like that in my memory, IF SO I have a suggestion -Nice-ly pink quilt-
    And thank you for spelling out the abbreviation I have some problems sometimes with that. I need a abbreviation dictionary!

    Hugs// Karin

  5. Pinky Pinkerton? Your kiddo is probably too young for you to know the reference, but it's a character on Bunnytown (used to be on Disney). My kids are watching it on DVD right now so it was fresh in my mind. 🙂 I don't see how you stay up until 2am! By 11pm I'm done!

  6. The Zoo Keeper-ette

    Ok, here's my fried brain suggestions 🙂 – Parfait Perfection or Princess Posey. Hmmm, maybe they will give you something to go on 😉 I Love pink, and this pink quilt it scrumptious!! I could look at it all day long 😉 Perfect for a little girl!!

  7. I have been trying to figure out what ISO meant for ages – thank you for solving that one. DUH!
    My fear with swapping is that no one will want what I have to swap – so I haven't swapped yet but I look around in a couple of the flickr groups.

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