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It’s so close!  Sweet Celebrations, Moda Bakeshop’s second book, is almost here.  And I’m lucky enough to be a part of it!  My quilt (that I can’t show you yet) is Christmas themed.  And I like to think that it is Holiday Fun without being over the top.  But you tell me when you see it. 😉  Since this is a bakeshop quilt, obviously it was made with precuts.  And I loved using a few layer cakes of neutral Bella solids in combination with a mix of fat quarters from all kinds of designers.  And yes, I did my own quilting on that thing…I think it was 14 bobbins I went through?!
Oda May, Moda’s hard hitting journalist, sent me a few questions to answer so you all can get to know me a bit better.  If you are a regular reader, some of these may be old news to you.  But if you are new (first of all, welcome!) you may be at least slightly amused by me.
OM: Do you prefer a corner piece or a center piece when eating cake? Or do you not like to discriminate?
Angela: It depends on how good the frosting is!  If it is light and fluffy and made with almond flavoring then I will most definitely take a corner piece.  Yum.  Otherwise, I’m not too picky….well I am but I try not to be. 😉
OM: Tell us about your favorite apron.
Angela:  Well….I wasn’t going to bring it up, but I am kind of partial to this certain Apron I made for a certain competition *cough…the Moda Bakeshop Sliced Competition*.  It’s hanging in my kitchen now and I’ll be sure to wear it this holiday season for serving cocktails to my guests.  I love how it’s dressy but still an apron.  I just love aprons that look like clothing.
OM: How do you press your seams?
Angela:  I was once a die hard press your seams to one side kind of gal.  But now I’ve learned that sometimes it is better to press them to the side and sometimes it is better to press them open.  Either way, I’m very thoughtful about them.  When I have a lot of seams that meet at a point, I tend to press them open.  When I have a lot of blocks to sew together, I press to one side but I am sure to alternate my seams so they butt up together and have less bulk.
OM: Do your pets/kids/spouse help or hinder your creative process?
Angela:  Uhm…yes?  Often!  Both.  I have a husband, a two year old and a cat and between the three, I’m lucky to get some time to sew.  As you might expect both the cat and the two year old are drawn to anything fabric and sparkly.  And my husband just wants my time (can’t blame him!).  But in the end, they are the greatest inspiration.  I doubt I would have made this backpack without the inspiration of an adorable toddler to wear it.  (And I’m happy to say that she uses it all the time for preschool!)
OM: If you could have a quilt shop spree, which items would you snag off the shelf?
Angela:  Is that a trick question?  EVERYTHING!!

And in keeping with the Bakeshop and Celebration theme, here is a recipe (a food one!) that we make every year especially at Christmas.  It’s the perfect, make ahead, bake and bring to a party kind of food.  It truly is scrumptious.

317 thoughts on “Sweet Celebrations Blog Hop”

  1. We always have a get together with family on Christmas Eve for eats. We have an appetizer only meal. It is lots of fun to get to try many different foods all in one meal. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  2. I love so many things about the holidays. But, I love going to my parents house for the long Thanksgiving weekend and not leaving the house for days. So relaxing and cozy.

  3. A Christmas Holiday tradition is eating a Fin and Hady fish type breakfaston Christmas morning. This tradition started in Scotland and was carried over to America by family members. Our family has been doing this breakfast forever. It does take a little getting use to, but there is always garlic butter to pour over the fish.

  4. I love that every year for all my son's 12 years we've put up our holiday decor the weekend after thanksgiving. I try to have our shopping done by then also. Then we can spend the rest of the season baking cookies, spending time with friends, and enjoying feeding our family and friends in our cozy home with no stress. This year we have a piano so I'm hoping that we can add caroling to our traditions. 🙂

  5. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that my grandparents still have a huge extended family party. There are now 50+ of us (kids, grandkids, great-grandkids)! It's so fun to see everyone; to visit and catch-up. 🙂

  6. I'm looking forward to caroling. Our family joins with some family friends–they are amazing singers, and it is such fun to harmonize with them and surprise someone with caroling on a cold winter's night.

  7. Best holiday tradition is Christmas morning breakfast and stockings. Since I was a child, and now enjoying it with my own grown children. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and the chance to win~

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