Hello there, If you are reading this, then you *might* notice things are a bit different around here.  For one, you are not on the same web page as before. I am officially now found at My blog, Cuttopieces, is an extension of that website.  You will find all of my blog posts here …

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Numbering Comments Solution

Thankfully I finally found a great source for renumbering my comments and I no longer have to count them out by hand! I have been doing that since the beginning of the year. It’s no fun people. When Blogger made their comment changes, it changed my numbering. I let it go because when it first …

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Blogger Help?!

* Alright….I’m fooling around with things. It looks like I’ve managed to get the new embedded comments on my blog and I can now see all of the comments. Now to make things function a little better and possibly get numbered comments back. I will conquer you blogger!* I know I can’t be the only …

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