Hello there, If you are reading this, then you *might* notice things are a bit different around here.  For one, you are not on the same web page as before. I am officially now found at My blog, Cuttopieces, is an extension of that website.  You will find all of my blog posts here […]

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Numbering Comments Solution

Thankfully I finally found a great source for renumbering my comments and I no longer have to count them out by hand! I have been doing that since the beginning of the year. It’s no fun people. When Blogger made their comment changes, it changed my numbering. I let it go because when it first

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Advice for New Bloggers

Originally posted at Plum and June talking about my advice for new Bloggers. 1.  What do you think is most important for new quilting bloggers to know?  Were you given some advice when you started blogging that you could pass on? Well I think the first thing is to just start blogging because you WANT

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So help a gal out.  I’m trying to keep myself distracted from this little Moda competition I’m in…pincushion is finished.  I think?!?  I’ll show that tomorrow.  But for now, help keep me distracted. I’m in an on going process of keeping the blog updated.  So I’m looking for some information. • I want to have

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Blogger Help?!

* Alright….I’m fooling around with things. It looks like I’ve managed to get the new embedded comments on my blog and I can now see all of the comments. Now to make things function a little better and possibly get numbered comments back. I will conquer you blogger!* I know I can’t be the only

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