Aprons on Moda Bakeshop

Well they posted the aprons over at Moda Bakeshop and are asking everyone which one is their favorite.  I’ve seen that a few of you faithful followers have sweetly left comments about mine over there.  Thank you!! Hop on over and check out the aprons and tell them which one you like the best.  And I

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Eeek! Round 2!

Oh boy! I’m on to round 2 in the Moda Sliced Finals. There are 3 of us now. I really had no idea whether I would make the cut after reading a bunch of the comments over at Moda Bakeshop… but thankfully the judges liked what I did. Now if only they didn’t make me

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Moda Sliced Pincushion Challenge

Moda Sliced Pincushion Challenge

Well, would you like to know a good way to distract yourself about pincushions? Make another, harder, more complicated pincushion! Give yourself about 12 hours to make it. Don’t use a pattern because you can’t. Oh and make sure that it is something that you’ve never done before…because otherwise it would be too easy. Run

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Eek! Okay, Deep Breath!

Agh! I’m one of the four finalists in the Moda Sliced Competition!!! So you’ll be seeing at least one more project from me for that. I’m excited, nervous, bouncing up and down and already furiously thinking about what to do for the next challenge. They announced with finalists on the Moda Bakeshop blog. They liked my

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Sliced - Entry #2

Sliced – Entry #2

Okay, onto my second entry in the Sliced competition by Moda. For this entry I wanted to do something that had some more piecing to it. I’m totally not sure what the judges are looking for (which I think I told everyone of you who commented on the first entry! lol) and I wanted to

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