Cupid Embroidery

Thank you everyone for all of your lovely suggestions about what to do with the reindeer embroidery I’ve been working on. You certainly have my brain churning. I have to admit that at this point I’m pretty reluctant to turn them into anything that people touch. lol I’ve been working more and more…I’ve finished Cupid! …

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Reindeer Games

Hey all, You know that I’ve been interested more and more in embroidery right? Well, I’ve been making a little progress. I’ve tried to take some of your advice and then plow ahead. I found a set of quirky but hopefully not too cutesy reindeer for some kind of Christmas something and I’m working my …

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Travel Handmade

If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m going to be headed to the Sewing Summit later this week. And I’ve been a little anxious about both traveling by myself to Utah and being there and all that I need to get done before that. But I’ve officially crossed one item off of my list. The name …

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Learning to Embroider

It’s one of my great desires to learn to embroider.  I just love how you can add whimsy to anything by using a premade image and recreating it in the thread.  But boy do I have a lot to learn.  I’ve always appreciated it, but I didn’t quite realize how little I knew or how …

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