modern quilting

So what is Modern Quilting?

Phew! I opened a can of worms with that last post .  I’ll admit that I really didn’t expect the response that I received.  I kind of thought that a few well meaning souls would pat me on the head and say “don’t worry about that”.  But clearly this is a topic that strikes home with […]

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Battle of the Swoon

Battle of the Swoon

Take that swoon pattern. I told you that I would whip you into submission. I will not be conquered by the insanity that is the swoon. Uhm…yeah. That may or may not be the pep talk that I gave myself before tackling the swoon pattern again. You might recall that a week or so ago

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worker bee

worker bee

Well I’ve been working on a number of sewing projects and have at least my bee blocks to show you…and a sneak peak at my pillow. I’m not going to tell you about the things that I don’t have finished yet with upcoming deadlines… First off, I finished Ulrike’s blocks for Bee Modern Too. She

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Mug rug

Mug Rug Start

I posted a question in the Mug Rug Group asking whether I should make a “story” mug rug that would probably not be super practical…or a quilted one that would be. I could see my secret partner liking either. It seemed that the people who knew me who answered all said hands down that I

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online quilt festival

the online quilt festival!

For my regular readers, you have obviously seen this quilt before, but for all the visitors, welcome! I hope you enjoy the story and the quilt and the journey to create both. I made this quilt for the doll quilt swap on flickr and I was so happy to have the creative freedom from my

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