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Bees and Swaps oh My!

Well I finally had to make out a schedule for all my bees and swaps because I’ve gone a little nuts and I’m involved in a bunch of things. Plus it helps me keep track of my goals for the year. So here it is! 2010-2011 Bees and Swaps Schedule Busy Bees – June 2010 […]

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The new house on the block

Gretchen had us make tiny house blocks for our last month of Bee Modern (don’t worry…many of us are moving on to Bee Modern Too)…a little bittersweet to be ending my first year long (and then some) commitment to a bee, but it was such a fun type of block to make. She sent us

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Modern Swappers

I’m involved in a lot of different swaps and bees. One that I have been focusing my time on this week has been the Modern Swappers group. It’s my first swap I’ve ever signed up for and I have no idea what to expect from my secret partner. But I’m trying hard not to think

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Bee Modern June Blocks

The Bee Modern Swap is coming to a close…just one more month left. It’s been bitter sweet filled with fabulous fabrics and interesting ideas, but lots of lost members for who knows what reason. I don’t want to judge, I’m sure that they have very good reasons for not being around anymore. It’s just that

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Starting up Busy Bees

I got a group of fabulous quilters together for a new bee, Busy Bees. It took some sweet talking, but I’m so excited to work with all of these women. We’re starting in June, so I sent out the packages today as I have the first month. After some deliberation and quivers, I finally decided

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March Madness

Well I’ve been quite busy sewing away on the latest quilt. It’s a bit larger than I normally make, plus it’s a string paper pieced quilt. So that all adds up to a lot of work. Here’s a pic of all the blocks finished and ready to be sewn together. I’m actually much farther than

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Bee Modern Block

Still trying to do a little sewing even with the newborn babe. She keeps me busy but I try to take advantage of nap time. The other day I was finally able to work on the block for the Bee Modern swap for January. We had the most delicious fabrics and are all making a

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My newest creations!

Well I’ve been on the computer all morning anyway, so I figured I should update my newest creations. I’ve been a little behind because my laptop is pretty much dead and I’m having to use my husband’s computer…but that’s a whole other story and the good news is that a new laptop is on its

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