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fairy tale quilt


So a few of my close friends and I are starting a round robin quilt bee.  I haven’t done a bee in a LONG time at this point because the commitment level was too much.  I have too many UFOs now from blocks gathered through bees that are waiting for me to get to them. …

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Luxe Tote

One of the projects that I started at Sewing Summit but wasn’t able to finish as I mentioned before was Lindsey’s Tote Bag with Leather Accents.  I took both her classes there, a very informative lecture on sewing with leather and an actual sewing class.  The sewing class, if you will recall, was at the …

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A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of Everything

This is one of those blog posts where I thought I didn’t have much to share and then realized that there was bunches of things…a little bit of everything. I’ve continued to be stymied by the red star quilt I shared with you last time.  I completely ripped it apart and put it back together …

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