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Ballerina Tote Bag

Ballerina Tote Bag

I don’t know about the rest of you, but here in upper Indiana, we’ve had a VERY late spring.  It’s FINALLY gotten warmer and the trees are flowering.  And that means that I’ve been spending a bit more time outdoors…weeding.  Yep.  That glorious task.  Weeding.  It’s rewarding, but definitely hard work and often pretty dirty

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On Pins and Needles

It so rarely happens these days that I use a fabric within the week of buying it (no comment on my fabric buying habits!). But this time I did.  I cut into some of the fun Echino fabric I just got and some Melody Miller fabric for a gift for a pal of mine.  There’s nothing

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Nautical Pillow

Nautical Pillow

Today I want to share with you a pillow that I made this summer that has recently been published in International Quilt Scene Magazine by Interweave Press. I’m a sucker for anything Nautical and I hope you are too. Oh I just love this one! If you’ve followed me for even a little bit, you’ll

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Oh delightful pincushions!

I have no idea if these are recently out or if I’ve just been living under a rock, but I’ve found the CUTEST pincushion patterns by Heather Bailey. I am of course familiar with her pear one (so cute!) But it never struck me as the greatest shape for a pin cushion…although I bet it

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