More doll quilt progress!

Well today I got some serious work done on my doll quilt. I don’t know how I did it because I had visitors and watched the girl all day and went to dinner at someone’s house…but I did. I think it’s because I posted a progress picture in the middle of the day on flickr […]

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My Sewing Room

I took advantage of the fact that I had to clean up the guest room for our recent guests to photograph the room that I also use as my sewing room. I always find it interesting to see what kinds of spaces people use to create in. It’s still a room that I’m getting used

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I need to sew!

Here I am once again at my computer when I could possibly be sewing. The problem is that I have so many projects going right now that I’m a little overwhelmed with which one to work on. There’s the doll quilt swap which has flickr a buzzing with anxiety, excitement and much stalking of partners.

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Sewing Along

I’ve been trying to get some sewing done on commitments that I have made. They are all things that I am excited to be working on, but it’s funny how hard they can be when they turn into obligations. Suddenly that fun task can seem daunting. I was contacted by a show on the Food

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