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Lone Star Vintage Quilt

Lone Star Vintage Quilt

I did it!  I bought my first vintage quilt top the other day.  I got a random phone call from a totally random person I know (who I’ve probably never talked to on the phone) telling me about a garage sale in her area.  The woman running the garage sale was selling a bunch of […]

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A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of Everything

This is one of those blog posts where I thought I didn’t have much to share and then realized that there was bunches of things…a little bit of everything. I’ve continued to be stymied by the red star quilt I shared with you last time.  I completely ripped it apart and put it back together

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Red Star Quilt UFO

Red Star Quilt UFO – Attack!

A year and a half ago I think, I started a little group on Flickr, Project UFO (link in sidebar). In our group, we gently support each other through the process of tackling those UFOs that we all have laying around. You know…the projects started with the best of intentions but somewhere along the way

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In my "free time"

In my “free time”

I’ve got some major swaps ending soon and I’m finished with one, but definitely still hard at work on the other two. But I can’t work on them constantly because I loose my edge or make poor decisions because I just want to get something done. So occasionally I step away from the pressing projects

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