I’m so thankful

I have a lot to be thankful for as I approach Thanksgiving and the End of the Year.  But today I want to focus on the generosity of Kirsten, Threedancingmagpies, and her pillow and gifts to me.  You can see for yourself what an amazing package she created for me! The other day, I received

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Pillow swap

I got sucked into a swap

So I got sucked into a swap…or perhaps more correctly, I allowed myself to do another swap.  Because I have so much free time right now.  (read sarcasm here)  But I just finished my last bee block for my last bee and I haven’t done a swap in about 6 months or so…so I felt

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Modern Swappers Complete!

Modern Swappers Complete!

Well I just read my mailing deadline on this swap and I can’t mail my package until August 25th…but I am soooo happy to have this swap complete. For some reason this was a really long one. Which is a great idea in theory because of all the extra time you get to work on

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